A Spirit World Message from Mother Teresa.
The Dove of Peace is the Holy Spirit.
On earth, it symbolises purity, love, and innocence and with the olive leaf: peace, reconciliation, and a new beginning. The Dove of Peace in the ancient scripture conveyed that land was in sight on the ark of Noah.

God, the Holy Spirit, gave us this symbol to create a peaceful world filled with his love for all his children, and we are all his sons and daughters, his family on earth.

Jesus of Nazareth was crucified. He was proclaimed as the Son of God, and his crucifix is the church’s symbol of salvation, that God sacrificed his only son for the salvation of humanity. It is absurd. God does not sacrifice any of his children, any of his sons and daughters.

God is unconditional love and would not sacrifice any human being or animal of his Creation. That is against his unconditional love and is man-made to create anxiety and gain power over people. The crucifix is to be abandoned and replaced with the symbol of peace and love, with the symbol of the Holy Spirit, the Dove of Peace, whereas the green leaf symbolises Nature which he gave as Planet earth for all of us.

God is the Dove of Peace, the Holy Spirit, the everlasting love, the eternal love.

I, myself, as Mother Teresa, was blindfolded. I didn’t see the obvious: God is unconditional love and would not be of such a character to sacrifice any of his children. I followed the church’s dogmatism that needs reform to replace the crucifix in all the churches around the world with the Dove of Peace.

I saved the children; I didn’t sacrifice any of my poor children. Why should God, who is unconditional love, sacrifice any of us? Come to your senses. I speak to the church; I speak to humanity. Love is of God, and we are his hands on earth, and our hands should be like his, no blood for salvation, only charity.

Become a charitable human being; the church has a history of death and murder, now it’s time for a new beginning, and the Dove of Peace symbolises new beginnings, a new world filled with love, a world of peace.

God’s love is with you. Become his hands on earth to rectify your mistakes, become love, and become God-like.

We are messengers of God and come with unconditional love because he is in us as we are in him. We are one.

Peace be with you.