Letter 9. An Amazing World Awaits You


A Spirit World Message.

My friend, it is Mother Teresa.

In God’s creation there are always new discoveries. When I lived on earth, I discovered new animals, new insects, new plants, and new flowers on my journeys. The spirit world is no exception. The spirit world contains beauties that you cannot even imagine. The spirit world is vast, many dimensions of life, many spheres of spirituality. When I was on earth, I lived a life with joy in my heart for the poor, for the sick, for people in various needs. But my disbelief in God and Jesus gave me a spirit of dissonance. I thought that my darkness was part of my humiliation to be one with Jesus on the cross, and that I would not object to living in darkness after my earthly life, just to be with my spouse, to be a light for the dark areas of earth, among the misfortunate, the poor, the hungry, the starving children, only to be their light in their darkness.

I was wrong. I met a beautiful heaven, beauties unimaginable to my mind. I was overwhelmed by nature: flowers of beautiful music, birds singing heavenly tones. The most beautiful masterpieces of music, and I was part of this joy. The charity that I had done on earth came to me as vivid pictures, praised by souls who surrounded me by their bright light. I was crowned for my work.

This is reality, my friends. When you give of yourself, when you help your fellow beings in need when on earth, your hands will be beautified and your heart will be as heaven, because you create heaven within on earth by beautiful acts of love.

After I had found my place, the house where I now live, I cherish my garden with my thoughts of love, because in this world you create by your thoughts, and the freedom you gain is your own spirituality. That is not to repeat prayers for hours, it is to give of yourself, to be of service to your surroundings, your family and friends, and in turn to your world.

There are dark spheres on this side of life, souls who committed acts of terror against their brothers and sisters on earth. That terror becomes their own reality in this world. They are low in spirit still. They did not raise themselves spiritually and they live a life with their thoughts that create their surroundings. Their freedom is limited until they raise themselves. It is a torment, deep torment. Man judges himself. Man judges himself to damnation due to their misbehaviour, the cruelty towards living beings on earth. Souls on this side are always trying to help them to seek forgiveness, to start a new journey towards the Almighty spirit, to find the light within that keeps them alive. Here, you have mental disorder not due to physical handicap, but to abhorrent acts and atrocities that were committed on earth by their own minds and free will.

Live a decent life, and help wherever you can and you will meet a beautiful heaven on this side of life, much like earth, beautiful nature and opportunities to work for all. There is no unemployment on this side of life, if you wish to work. It is an unimaginable world of opportunities, a real world, an amazing world that awaits you.

God is omnipresent. Pray to God that he guides you, that he shows you your path. I can assure you that he listens, he is always there waiting for your response to the light he gave you at birth, the light within yourself, the spirit of love that is there for everyone to raise towards his love and oneness.

Everything of God is yours. Keep God in your heart and his love, your love, will be as one.

God bless you.

15 June 2017

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