Letter 8. Jesus of Nazareth


A Spirit World Message.

My friend, it is Mother Teresa.

The teachings of Jesus are a joy to read: his love, his knowledge, his oneness with the Creator, his righteousness, his tolerance, his integrity, his high morals, his protest against arrogance, ignorance and the selfish desires of men, his care for the poor, his direct speech towards the priesthood about their dogmatism, their lack of God’s wisdom, and their disguised and dishonest behaviour.

Jesus had two brothers and a sister. His father and brothers were carpenters who would have liked Jesus to take part in their occupation, so they could have done more for the family and the people in need, because they, like many, shared what they had with the poor. Jesus was not a carpenter, he didn´t have the talent or the ability. He was a spiritual man who enjoyed teaching the truth of life. He was in communion with souls in my world, the world beyond. He knew about the spirit world and the wisdom of God.

His sayings and his protests did not fall on good soil in the religious part of the society. And his father and brothers told him to stop his protests against the priesthood. Customers declined to buy services from them because Jesus was considered a rebel. Of course, Jesus could not comply with his family’s wishes. He was supported by his mother and sister, but had to stay outside his family and home many times. He lived in an ordinary family, and Jesus was an “ordinary” man. Difficult for you with blind faith in Christianity to accept, but I myself when on earth would hesitate, too, before letting such sayings be of influence to my own religious faith, even though I had tremendous darkness, tremendous doubt in my lifetime. Blind faith is contradictory to an open mind, to your logic and reasoning, to your intellect. So, let me continue.

As you know from your scriptures, Jesus gathered friends, so-called disciples. They were all required to leave their material life behind, to live a life in spirit only, and to be in oneness with God for the work ahead of them, the work of love to teach the truth of life.

As you may recall from the scriptures, Jesus and some of his friends went up to the Mountain Sermon, where Moses and Elijah materialised in front of them. Jesus had this living force as well as his disciples, which is a prerequisite for giving the opportunity of materialising souls from the spirit world. Materialisation is real, is a fact. Even today. As you also may recall from the scriptures, Jesus materialised after his death for his friends, when Thomas the doubter felt his hand and his wound. “It is you Master,” he said, not seeing him, but feeling him and holding his hand, because materialisation and this living force needs darkness to develop, like the child who develops in the womb of the mother in darkness.

On earth it is termed Ectoplasm, this living force that some people can exude with help from my world and to make the right conditions for materialisation to occur. It is a blessing of God. If not, it would not be possible. God wants us to find the truth, to experience the truth, to be in his oneness, his oneness of love.

Jesus of Nazareth was crucified because he was an opponent to the established priesthood, and they saw him as a danger because people followed him, followed the truth of life, and followed his teachings of love. They crucified love on the cross.

“Forgive them, Father,” Jesus cried out in his agony. Jesus had become unconditional love like his Father, our Father.

Jesus of Nazareth has another meaning to me now. He is a bright light. He is a divine being, who was created by God’s hands as we all are. Keep Jesus in your heart, his teachings of love, the truth of life, that there is no death. That will change your life. Charity is your salvation. You have to redeem your own faults, you have to atone for your own errors. Find the love that created you in your heart, express it, be God’s hands on earth, become a charitable human being. Then you are at the core of your mission on earth.

Jesus of Nazareth sends his blessing.

God bless you.

14 June 2017

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