Letter 7. Love Your Neighbour As Yourself


A Spirit World Message.

My friend, it is Mother Teresa.

When I see your world, I have tears in my eyes. I see so many miserable places where people are abused, are killed. Such atrocities, such appalling catastrophes initiated by Man, this is a terrible mistake, a complete miscomprehension of life.

I see my brothers and sisters, I see my whole family, when I watch the suffering, the violence, the hunger, the loss they experience, wars that destroy families, that create conditions for people that are inhuman. I know from my world where I now live, that the suffering you cause to other people on earth will be your own suffering on this side of life. If you knew this when on earth, you with your selfish desires, you who have gone astray, you who do not know yourself anymore, you would have turned around, fallen on your knees with your face to the earth and begged for forgiveness. People and leaders of your world, know the consequences of your actions.

Jesus gave you a simple rule that will eradicate poverty, war and selfish desires. Jesus gave this simple rule for you to bring peace to earth, for you to create a world, a dignified world for all God’s children. This simple rule is the key to your own divinity, your spirituality. Love thy neighbour as thyself; that is God’s wisdom, that is love, love for all.

A simple rule that will change your world when you know that you cannot die, that you have eternal life, that there is no death. That loving rule is your breath of life, is your fundament in life, the fundament for your own being.

I live in this world where thoughts become reality. The traces you created on earth will follow you and become your reality in my world. It is a fact. God’s existence is a fact. The spirit world is a fact. It is not a dream world. It is a real world, like your own, Planet earth.

We are invisible to you, and so is your infrared light, but you know it is there. You would not be alive if you did not have your spirit within, the engine of your self, an eternal engine that transcends the physical flesh.

Jesus became love. Jesus was love. Jesus the bright light gave you God’s wisdom in words so you all could comprehend the reality of life. With these words “Love your neighbour as yourself” and your own hands, you can become a bright light yourself, like Jesus was. He showed you the way to God, to his wisdom, and to be one in him with these few words of love. “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF.

God bless you.

14 June 2017

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