Letter 6. Don´t Go Blindfolded


A Spirit World Message.

My friend, it is Mother Teresa.

I wake up in the morning, and I listen to the birds outside my window, preparing themselves for another day, giving me sounds that fill my heart with joy. God has given us all this heavenly music when we listen, when we find peace in our lives, when our mind can align itself with Mother Earth, God’s creation, for us all to find the wisdom of life.

When I sit like this in contemplation, the white dove emerges from my heart, a symbol of peace. I listen to this voice within, which says to me: Bring my peace to the world. The white dove has your wings of love, and I will make that love become an earthly joy, like the birds who gave you heavenly music in your heart, who gave you my message of love to your world.

Don´t go blindfolded, my friend. Listen to the birds, watch nature, and watch God’s creation where you find his wisdom. These birds are of God, as you are, made by love. When you see them, these beautiful creatures, bringing joy to your inner self, you see God.
God is not only faith. God is reality. The spark of the divine is found in all living beings, all entities that are brought alive for us all to be as one in the universal masterpiece of God.

Yes, my friend, I saw these things when alive on earth, and I enjoyed them. I enjoyed God’s creation like you. But it was when I first entered the spirit world that I really dwelled on the meaning of everything in nature. I was too preoccupied with my faith, my dogmatism and my religion. I heard the voices within. I waited for God to show himself within, to speak to me, to give me comfort. Jesus, I thought, I imagined, was God himself, incarnated on earth as his only son. I became his spouse as a nun, in my novitiate, because that was part of my religion, my faith, to take his suffering into my own being. I lived in darkness. My belief in God, and thus in Christ, vanished. It was through my charity, my charitable work, that God’s love became a reality in my life and within myself. Now I know that God is unconditional love, that Jesus was not more incarnated as God than we all are. He became love, he was in communion with the spirit world, he told the truth and was crucified, because he could not deny God’s truth, the truth within himself, that love is life, that love is the truth, that God is love, that we are here to be like our Creator, to become love and to be in oneness with him, to be his hands on earth, to bring love, to bring charity, to help the poor, to bring equality, to end war, and to find peace within and peace in the world, all the good things of life for everyone.

Jesus knew the way. He was a bright light, and he gave himself for this truth of life. But you find your own redemption in charity, in being God’s hands of love to this world. Don´t go blindfolded.

Blind faith without reasoning and logic is dangerous. Use your intellect to evaluate the pros and cons, to evaluate right from wrong in what you read in the scriptures. Everything that is of love is the truth.

Violence brought alive on earth based on scriptures is not God’s work. That is blind faith and misapprehension of scriptures, which were false or misunderstood. When you use love as your guiding principle you cannot go wrong. Then you will always know the path of God, the path that he has prepared for you in your mission on earth.

God bless you.

14 June 2017