LETTER 4. The Sun Shines on All

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A Spirit World Message.

My friend, it is Mother Teresa.

God is the universal power.
God is omnipresent.
God is the Creation.
God created all in harmony.
God is love,

and all he creates is made by the universal building blocks, in earthly terms; the periodic system, in spiritual terms; love and his wisdom. We are all of God. We all have this spark within ourselves, the spark of the divine. When we raise ourselves spiritually, our path directs us towards divinity.

On earth, many religions have created dogmas through the sayings of prophets. Some contradict each other, some have been misunderstood, miscomprehended, and some are not of God. And how do you distinguish the wisdom of God, and sayings that are not from our Creator. There is a simple rule: you distinguish right from wrong with love in your heart. Everything that is love is the truth, sayings that are not of love for your neighbour, for your brothers and sisters, your fellow beings, your family on earth, are not the truth.

God does not bring wrath to his children, not to anyone. God is unconditional love, the sun shines on all. Let that be a reminder to you who do not have this simple rule of love in your heart. God did not sacrifice Jesus on the cross. Men in higher positions crucified Jesus because he told the truth of life, because he was an opponent, because he was a danger to these men, who were afraid of losing their stature, a stature obtained in falsehood. Jesus said: love thy neighbour as thyself. Isn´t that sufficient to give him the honour of being the son of God, a child of God, as we all are sons and daughters of the Almighty spirit, who created us, who gave us life here on earth to learn, to give our love, to love our neighbour as ourselves.

I miscomprehended my religion, Christianity. I misunderstood the sayings of Christ on the cross. God only gives life. God does not take life. God does not sacrifice any of his children because salvation is found within charitable work, “love thy neighbour as thyself”, wherever you can.

God is your love. God will never leave you. You can always turn to your Creator, to our good parents, your heavenly Mother and Father. They will always support you, but they will also say live your life as you so wish on earth to learn. Your free will is a grace. Use it well so you can find oneness with your Creator, with God, when you are on earth.

Heaven is built within by your charity, by your love for your family on earth. And God will crown your work when you come to the spirit world, to my world where I now live, if you have given yourself completely for your neighbours, for your family, for all the children of his creation.

Where is God? you might ask, when you experience difficulties in your life.
Why does God do terrible things? How can God accept the suffering that you see in your world if he is Almighty? you might say. My friend, you are God’s hands on earth. You have your free will, and you have the wealth and resources to help all the children of earth. You are the cause, not God. God gave you the beauties of life, nature to fulfil yourself, to have bread and water on the table. God has given you all you need, do not blame your God for the disasters of your world, the poverty you see every day, for the starving children, for the violence, for people who have lost God in their hearts and gone astray. You are there to build a society, a world of dignity for all. You are God’s hands on earth, you yourself, because you were given life moulded in his hands to serve, to be of benefit for your neighbour, your brothers and sisters, your fellow beings, your family on earth.

Have God in your heart. Be of love, and you can do wonders in your life. That becomes your heaven on earth as well as in the world beyond.

God bless you.

13 June 2017

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