Letter 3. We Are All God’s Children

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A Spirit World Message.

My friend, it is Mother Teresa.

On earth, there are many religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and others, and they have one fundament in common; that fundament is love. They all have the same objective, and they are all seeking the meaning of life, why we are here, who we are, how the universe was created and how to find the treasure in life. God is the basis for all religions because God is love. God is the fundament.

God is infinite love, an infinite power, and that power created all, created you and I. We are spirits, we are of God, all of us, all the children of the earth are of the same power of the same creative force. We have God’s footprints within, the spirit that drives our physical bodies, an eternal flame that cannot die; we are eternal, as God is eternal.

I come to you with new knowledge from the spirit world where I now abode. I can create with my thoughts, I am Godlike, I can move around by my thoughts, nothing is hindering me, because I am in oneness with the Almighty Spirit, with his love. My charitable acts on earth raised my spiritual being to such a level where I have achieved freedom in my spiritual life. I love God, and he loves me. I love all his children. There is no segregation in the heart of God. Whatever your belief was on earth, God is your creator, your father and mother in heaven, the good parents who never leave any of their children.

One day the lowest soul will find the path to the light. No one is forgotten because we are one in God’s creation. We all have our individual spiritual pathways in life, and our individuality is never lost. God loves every child. God is unconditional love, but to find peace of mind you have to become love yourself, like your origin, where you came from.

We are all given the opportunity to enter life on earth when we need a lesson to learn and accomplish. It is a wonderful gift to every one of us, and when you have not learned your lessons, you will have to return until you have completed the school of life. Because as a child of God, your parents, you are given a new chance in life so you one day can find the love within that you can share with your brothers and sisters.

Selfish desires on earth are for you to master, for you to raise yourself above. That is how you climb spiritually on earth as in my world where I now live. Remember this my friend, that every child, every man and woman is your brother and sister. You are God’s hands on earth as his child. You are there to care for your family. You are there to give your love, to be of service so you can find God’s treasure within, heaven within yourself, a heaven you build in charity, a heaven that will become your reality on this side of life.

Life is a wonderful gift, your earthly life, a gift from God to his children, to all of his children. Make that a sacred life; make that a life in love for all. Live a modest life; share wherever you can. Give your brethren a kind word, a good smile. Prepare the ground for a lovely atmosphere, an atmosphere in mutual respect, a dignified life for all.

That is God’s wish. That is God’s wisdom. Let it be your wisdom. Let this be your life.

God bless you.

12 June 2017

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