Letter 2. From Darkness to Light


A Spirit World Message.

My friend, it is Mother Teresa.

God created us, gave us life here on earth, a new life to learn from his source, from his providence. Earth is a learning ground for all of us, who join this beautiful planet, God’s creation that he gave to us to fulfil ourselves, to care for each other, to learn to love one another. Life is filled with all the earthly passions for us to differentiate between evil and good. This school of life is here in our hands, to find the wisdom of ourselves, the bright light that is there within flickering, waiting for our response, to be as one with our Creator, with God.

God is love. Nature reveals God’s love for us all, the harmonious conditions that we all can perceive, that we all can smell through the fragrance of all the beauties, made by God’s hands for us to love each other. He gave us nature to find the truth of life, his wisdom, and his wisdom is there in every flower, in every tree, and in every creature.

When you pick a flower from the meadow, a meadow created for us, you can smell the fragrance of God himself. You can relate to God by watching his creations. That is not a belief, that is a fact. God is a fact. God is present everywhere, in every atom of beings, in every atom of the universe.

When you bring love, your love, to these building blocks of life, you are in oneness with your Creator. When you distance yourself, when you do evil against his creations through your free will, you separate yourself from him, and you are not in oneness with him, the unconditional love of the universe that gave you life, unconditionally. Reflect on this my friends.

I had to die from this world to see the light, to see his existence, to bring my faith into order. Blind faith contradicts God’s laws of free will, given to us all on earth. We must understand what we believe, what we relate to. Knowledge is your baseline, your wisdom that you can bring about when you search within, when you search in nature because all is given to you. Have an open mind.

In my life on earth, I was filled with darkness, coldness within, because I didn’t understand. My life was a blessing. The charity that I provided for the hungry, for the poor and for the sick drove away the coldness. When I was out there in the field, helping the misfortunate, I felt God’s love within. Charity is the only path to God, to be one in him. Love your neighbour as yourself, the bright light.

There is no need to walk in darkness on earth. Charity is your salvation. That is where you find God within, an everlasting source, an everlasting light, that no one can ever extinguish, it is yours for eternity. Love is the key to a beautiful life, love for the children, love for your fellow beings, a life in service for others. That is God’s will, to unite, to bring the wisdom of love to your world. Love is unbreakable, love is God, and when we become love ourselves, we have found our own divinity.

My friends, all who can hear my voice, all who can read my letters to your world from the world beyond, God is there waiting for your response, for your service, for your charity towards all of his children because we are all his children regardless of religions, regardless of what we believe. Life is for everyone.

God bless you.

12 June 2017

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