Letter 10. Mother United Nations


A Spirit World Message.

My friend, it is Mother Teresa.

Such a wonderful world planet earth is: the blue ocean, the green fields, the flowers creating the rainbow of colours, the sun that shines unconditionally on every soul who has got a new life to learn in God’s wisdom, in God’s love on earth.

I see a world divided by countries’ borders.
I see a world of inequalities.
I see a world in suffering.
I see a world where children do not have same opportunities for prosperity.
I see wars and the atrocities they create.
I see families who have lost children, fathers and mothers.

Why do people act in such a manner?
Why do people kill?
Why are people cruel to their neighbours, their brothers and sisters?

In some countries human rights are violated, whilst in some countries, people have the resources, the wealth for a dignified life for all, whilst in other countries of high wealth, the religious practices do not respect individuals and their rights to freedom of speech.

The United Nations is therefore a blessing for everyone. The United Nations has the means to implement a dignified life for all. The United Nations is the Mother of your world.

That is the future perspective of this worldly body, to implement a dignified life for all, to care for every child on Mother Earth, regardless of religions, regardless of dogmas, regardless of countries’ borders, because God did not divide this Planet earth. Man did. God sees your world as one, sees all his children as one.

See God in every child on earth, then you see his suffering. Then you see the inequality that Man has given to your world through selfishness, possession, power and greed.

I have a wonderful message to your world, a message that will change your world. “We all survive death.” We are all children of God, and we cannot die, because every one of us has the spirit of love within, the spirit that drives our physical bodies. Our physical bodies perish, but the spirit within revives, survives death.

We in the spirit world are as real as you. We have a composition of the body that fits our needs, like your physical body fits your needs on earth. We live in a real world as you live in a real world.

Mother United Nations, be on the alert. Watch the signs from my world. We are here to prove our existence. We will bring you the knowledge, the wisdom of God, that we are eternal beings, all of us.

When you see this with your eyes, when you find the evidence in your breaking news, in the newspapers all over the world, then you will see that you are truly the Mother of your world, Mother United Nations.

Abortion is to kill a child of God, a child conceived with His love for your world. Peace in your world is to understand the truth of life. It starts at birth. I come to you with peace and love, and I come to you with new knowledge. My presence is in your world; my charitable acts are now alive from my world, because now you know that I am alive.

You are the missionaries of charity, all of you who bring God’s love, who are God’s hands, who give of yourself, who are of service to others for a better world, for a more just world. Heal your world with love, love for everyone.

God bless you all, and God bless Mother United Nations.

15 June 2017