Letter 1. Mother Teresa Returns in Spirit

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A Spirit World Message.

My friend, it is Mother Teresa.

The white light shines upon us, God’s light, God’s love.

When I lived in your world, the material world, I had no knowledge of this communication between people in spirit and in the material world.

I myself heard voices within in my lifetime on earth, voices that encouraged me to give of myself, to help the poor, to find God within. I was puzzled by these voices that in a way forced me, but at the same time brought me closer to God. Of course, these voices that forced me, that was my own conscious mind, my own self, the spirit within, who so eagerly wanted to bring forth the love from myself. I was confused many times, because now I know that the spirits who guided me and helped me, gave their love and their influence without force because in this world there is nothing of that kind from good spirits, from messengers of God. I forced myself into my position, and also into my dogmatism.

God is unconditional love. The sun shines upon all. God does not force anyone, he only encourages because he built us in love, in love for our fellow beings, our brothers and sisters on earth and in my world where I now abode.

We build heaven within by charity, by giving of ourselves. My service for the poor, as a “missionary of charity”, brought me to a wonderful lovely heaven, the heaven I had created within on earth by my selfless acts, by my sacrifice for the children, for God’s children because we are all one. We are all God’s children; we are all of the same importance in the eyes of God.

This wonderful treasure that you can build within yourself, by giving your service to your fellow beings, by helping wherever you can through kindness, is given to you at birth, the love that you have within, the spirit of love. We are all equipped with this driving force given to us by God for us all to share, to care for, to love everyone, and to appreciate the creation, God’s creation, nature itself.

We are all part of God´s plan, we are eternal, and we can find divinity within. Let there be no darkness in your life, darkness of the mind. God is revealing himself in nature, among you when you create relationships in love, when you connect yourself to nature and see his creations, the harmony, and the beautiful meadow of flowers where you can find peace. These flowers are there for you to share, an analogy to the wealth in your world that is in few hands, whilst the poor are going hungry, starving to death. You all have a mission; you can all be God’s messengers by giving of yourself.

I live in an amazing world. This world is part of your world as your world is part of our world. We live in another dimension. I am truly alive, more alive than I have ever been when I walked my steps on earth.

We are working with you. We never stop working. I still perform my duties; my duties the love, that I can give to my brothers and sisters.

Jesus Christ is a bright light. Follow his teachings. Love your neighbour as yourself. Give of yourself and serve the poor. You can be like him. Every one of you. Because you all have God’s light within, you are all his creations.

Be of good faith, and God bless you.


Dear Jostein, follow the path that you can align yourself with, that you find appropriate, and we will guide and uplift and be part of your plan as you are part of our plan, our mutual mission of love. I have ten letters prepared for you.

Mother Teresa in Spirit.

6. June 2017

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