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Mother Teresa - Charity is your Salvation

A Spirit World Message.

My friend, it is Mother Teresa.

Charity is your salvation. God gave us life to be of service. Gave us life here on earth to bring charity. Our mission is charity. Every one of us who live on this beautiful planet is here for this purpose. To live a charitable life is to live in oneness with your Creator. The beauty that you have, that was given to you at birth, God’s love, is there for you to share. Service starts within your own family, and in your lifetime you extend this service to your world, to all God’s children. What you provide, what you give of yourself, beautifies your own being, the service that you give in love to your family on earth, whether that is a kind word, a helping hand, nutrition for the hungry, or to help a fellow being in distress, who is crying for the loss of a relative, for the loss of a dear friend or an animal that they cared for. When you see the suffering, the violence in your world, you can use your voice to protest. That is a charitable act as well, because that is a word of love, and words of love are never lost. They are there building up a union of love, a union of words that are of the same aim to create a just world, to provide a more equal world so people do not need to go to bed hungry at night, but find themselves in a world of care and love.

In my religion, Christianity, I was taught that Jesus by the way of the cross expelled my sins, that he died for me, that he took all my sins with his own blood, and that God gave his son to the world so people who believed in him would be saved, would be freed from their sins. I know better, because I have learned in the spirit world that Jesus is a bright light. He is your saviour when you follow his teachings, “love your neighbour as yourself”, because when you do this you will provide charity to your neighbour, to your brothers and sisters, your family on earth. That is the only way for salvation, to raise you spiritually. Jesus showed the way, he gave us the truth that there is no death, that we are eternal. Before Abraham, I am, he said.

He knew about the spirit world. He knew that you could not die, that no one dies because he was in communion with messengers of God, who had gone before him as you have in your scriptures. Use your reason, your logic. I didn’t. My faith was blind, and that is why I lived in darkness. I even told myself that the darkness I lived within was given to me by Jesus, by his darkness on the cross. Now I know that it was an imagination, not the truth. Jesus would not require any sacrifice of me, because Jesus is a bright light filled with love like anyone else who has climbed in oneness with our Creator, and has become love him- or herself.

Charity is a word of love, a Word of God, the word that created you, that created everyone, all of God’s children. I live in another world, in another dimension. God is within you, on earth as in heaven.

I give you the reality, the reality of life. Reflect on my sayings. Discard whatever you think is illogical, or that you do not want to align yourself with. You have your free will; we all have our free will. Nothing is imposed upon you from this world. But there is freedom of speech, and I tell you what my experience is on this side of life, an experience I lacked when on earth.

The missionaries of charity are a salvation for everyone who partakes, they help the poor, the hungry, the afflicted, the sick, people who live in pain, people who are mentally disturbed by their own beliefs imposed by wrong teachings and by lack of care and love in their lives. The society that you have gained is carved in your own hands. You get exactly what you sow. When you sow love, when you sow charity, heaven reveals itself within and in your society, the beauties of life given to all, so everyone can fulfil himself or herself and live a dignified life. It is all in your hands, because you are God’s hands on earth.
Let God become alive in your life, be of service. Pray for his guidance and he is there with you, always.

Now my friend, you decide your path in life. You have your free will.
God bless you.

13 June 2017 – 15:00 – 15:30


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