Mother Teresa

I have a wonderful message to your world, a message that will change your world. “We all survive death.” We are all children of God, and we cannot die, because every one of us has the spirit of love within, the spirit that drives our physical bodies. Our physical bodies perish, but the spirit within revives, survives death.

– Mother Teresa in Spirit


Mother Teresa claims to be the author of the TEN LETTERS, communicated from the Spirit World by Metapsychic Correspondence.


     AUDIO – Listen to the Ten Letters

Letter 1. Mother Teresa Returns in Spirit

Letter 2. From Darkness to Light

Letter 3. We Are All God’s Children

LETTER 4. The Sun Shines on All

Letter 5. Charity Is Your Salvation

Letter 6. Don´t Go Blindfolded

Letter 7. Love Your Neighbour As Yourself

Letter 8. Jesus of Nazareth

Letter 9. An Amazing World Awaits You

Letter 10. Mother United Nations

Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa, Calcutta, India 1980 – Gettyimages/see footnote


Across the borderline
Colorization right photo with Adobe, Mother Teresa in her youth and her expression in the Spirit World.

Your mind creates the expression of yourself in the spirit world –

“I am alive, not as an older woman, but as a rejuvenated young woman in my twenties because my expression is my will. My soul appreciates my youth.” – Quote from “The International Day of Charity” – The Spirit of Mother Teresa.


Mother Teresa may be addressed in her Native Albanian language or any other language she understands; – Bengali, Serbian, English and Hindi. Answers are conveyed by Telekinetic energy to document her presence and insight.


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