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Are you like Thomas, the doubter? You may recall from the scripture that the friends of Jesus of Nazareth claimed to have seen him in a meeting. They told Thomas, who said he would not believe what they told him if he could not see his nail marks. In another session, Thomas joined his friends, his friends of Jesus of Nazareth, and Jesus came forward and showed his hand to Thomas. ‘Thomas,’ Jesus said, ‘feel my nail marks, take my hand in your hands.’ Thomas did and proclaimed, ‘It is you, my Lord!’

What does this story tell you? Is it that life is eternal? The materialisation of the hand of Jesus of Nazareth is a story from the past, but I can tell you that what Jesus of Nazareth did, I did. I materialised – I gave my brother Walter Stinson access to my living force, Ectoplasm, exuded from my solar plexus – a hand of the same attributes as you have, that everyone has. Similarly, Jesus’ friend Peter exuded the Ectoplasm for Jesus to come forward, to create his hands with his nail marks.

Pictures, photos were taken during the investigation of my physical mediumship in Boston, in Lime Street, where I lived, photos taken by the investigators. It is factual evidence of the materialisation of a hand like Jesus of Nazareth materialised at his time on Earth. Jesus of Nazareth was a physical medium as his friends were. Physical mediumship is as natural as yourself, a creation of God, of the Almighty Spirit.

Physical mediumship requires patience, persistence and a loving atmosphere to develop. We all have, as human beings, abilities of mediumship because we were created and carved out of God’s hands as we are eternal spirits. God allows us to be mediumistic, reach further, and be in conversation with our loved ones and friends in the spirit world where I now abide because we are one, one family. Where there is love, which is the force of the universe, an unbreakable force, everything is possible. Then materialisation, to return for a while and meet your friends in the terrestrial life, on planet Earth, is possible because God does not deny us to be as one when love connects us, when we can give the living force that gave us life, our love.

God bless you all.

A message from Mina Crandon in collaboration with Charles Richet.

Pictures from the investigation of Mina Crandon´s mediumistic abilities.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasm

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm (ectoplasmic independent voicebox) exuded from Mina Crandon´s ear.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand

Ectoplasm exuded from Mina Crandon´s Solar Plexus, in the process of materialising a spirit hand trying to make a fingerprint.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit hand

The “shake hands” with a materialised spirit hand.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus

Mina Crandon was scrutinised to such a degree that she even nude gave evidence of Ectoplasm materialising spirit-hand from Solar Plexus.

Walter Stinson - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus of Mina Crandon purports to be her brother Walter Stinson

Walter Stinson – Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus of Mina Crandon purports to be her brother Walter Stinson.

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