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The text you are reading now, my friend, is a result of me suspending the medium’s mind using his faculties, his subconscious mind where I find my language, the words that I can use to express my thoughts. His mind is subdued partly because he uses a breathing technique to avoid his conscious mind interfering with my mind.

Telepathy is the communication between minds, but you need a physical manifestation to ensure that what you receive from another human being or a spirit is clear. On earth, you use your sensory perception; your eyes, your ears, your hands, your expression of your face. But with Telepathy between your mind on earth and a spirit from the spirit world, physical energy is required to confirm Telepathic transference of thoughts. When Jostein, the medium, receives my thoughts, he records my speech, my message on a voice recorder. When my address has been finalized, he uses the recorded material to write my speech and my message. At the same time, he listens to a physical manifestation of energy that results in thuds. When we want to underscore something particular, we thud once, and when we want him to verify what we have said, we give two thuds. We can, of course, establish beforehand what thuds mean, so we have a mutual understanding of our physical behaviour.

It is essential to have the physical manifestation of thuds when using Telepathy towards the spirit world; otherwise, you will not have a confirmation from my world of what we have transferred and brought alive through the medium´s vocal apparatus, true or false.

Trance speech is a matter of meditation, and when you are ready to receive communication from the spirit world, we will try to impress our thoughts to your mind if that is your desire.

My friend, patience is the foundation between my world and your world to achieve communication. It is as an embryo that needs time to develop, to become a child to be born and given a new life on earth, alive brought into being by Gods love because there wouldn’t be any life without his blessing, without the spirit of love that gives life to the physical flesh.

Trance speech is a prerequisite for the communication between my world and your world for further development within physical mediumship. We need Trance speech and mediums on earth to convey our messages. Physical mediumship using Ectoplasm needs darkness to develop, like the child in the mother’s womb. In this quiet place, there is peace and love, where there are expectations of the wonderful opportunities that life gives newborn children, the beauties of your world.

We are prepared to go public, to enter the public domain with Jostein, our medium, for conveying our messages to your world. He has prepared himself for over a decade, and we have worked with him to prepare his faculties. He has positioned himself with messages from Kofi Annan, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, White Bear, Anna Elisabeth Westerlund, Charles Richet and myself, his spirit council, which is always there to fulfil this important task, to present survival after death. We are fully alive in another dimension, appreciating the opportunity to express ourselves amongst you.

Love is our foundation in whatever we do, in whatever we say. Love is our guiding principle because we are of God, as you all are. God is our origin, our Creator regardless of religions, or ethnic belonging, race, gender – we are all of the same roots.

Broadcasting our messages to your world is our mission.
The green light is on!


A message from Mina Crandon in collaboration with Charles Richet.

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