Charles Richet investigated the physical medium Franek Kluski in the 1920s. In this research, Kluski materialised hands dipped in an electrically heated tank of floating paraffin wax and which afterwards were filled with plaster to provide physical evidence that could identify footprints of spirits.

Fraud was implausible in these experiments—the seances held in a controlled environment at the Institut Métapsychique International, in Paris. Evidential photos taken by the investigators are available. The investigators controlled the medium by locked hands and touching feet. The hands were materialised, submerged for a moment in the paraffin wax and deposited to the researchers.

The investigators could see the hands materialising in soft red light and then dipped in wax and deposited to where they were seated. The materialised hand vanished like vapour. The plaster moulds are now solid proof of materialisation and spirit activity.

I materialised a hand that investigators of my physical mediumship photographed during their research in Boston in the 1920s. It is there for you to see with your own eyes. Walter, my brother, was the spirit footprint, or should we rather say fingerprint. He impressed his fingerprint in wax, but Houdini, the magician invited to the séance, manipulated the fingerprints. Money and fame was a stake for his part, his occupation as the world-renowned magician when accusing me of materialising a hand with fingerprints of my dentist. It is an absurd accusation.

You accept the complex nature of human beings as normal. Why shouldn’t materialisation be part of nature? The spirit world has brought its footprints to your world and will continue to do so until the world acknowledges that we live on, that life is eternal, that our footprints are authentic, valid and evidential as you are.

A message from Mina Crandon in collaboration with Charles Richet.

Franek Klusky - The Institut Métapsychique International (IMI)

Franek Klusky – Materialised hands in Wax, plaster moulded. Source: The Institut Métapsychique International (IMI)

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand

Ectoplasm exuded from Mina Crandon´s Solar Plexus, in the process of materialising a spirit hand trying to make a fingerprint.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit hand

The “shake hands” with a materialised spirit hand.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus

Mina Crandon was scrutinised to such a degree that she even nude gave evidence of Ectoplasm materialising spirit-hand from Solar Plexus.

Walter Stinson - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus of Mina Crandon purports to be her brother Walter Stinson

Walter Stinson – Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus of Mina Crandon purports to be her brother Walter Stinson.

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