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The world-renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud had many regrets when returning to the spirit world. Spiritual knowledge was absent in his research. He did not know about reincarnation. Memories from past lives were misinterpreted, and in failure. Spiritual evolvement and connection to the spirit world should be obvious and part of the curriculum and lectured in today’s world. It is obscene to proclaim that psychic energy is only a matter of mental abilities, of mental declaration. Psychic energy is as much a spiritual as a mental aspect of life.

When we demonstrate to you the levitation of a table, we use our psychic energy, the living force, a thought process. We turn this psychic energy into physical energy that you can observe with your physical eyes. When you can watch something in your world, which is beyond your imagination from the physical level of understanding, then you must realise that there are forces that you need to investigate, the spiritual aspect of life.

When you enter into communication with the spirit world, you will experience unknown forces. Don´t let these forces be just a curiosity, be termed spooky. They are real. They are facts of life you can investigate that you can bring into scientific research. The points you eventually find in your curriculum as the evidential proof will break the barrier of the psychological understanding of mental processes, of your cognitive behaviour, of the essence of life itself.

Psychic energy is brought to life and enters your sphere of life, your material world and becomes physical energy because our minds have a spiritual impact on your behaviour. We are connected, the material and the spiritual sphere of life, and you have to acquire the knowledge from both worlds to comprehend life itself.

You who study psychology, be curious, ask the questions that Sigmund Freud didn’t, in his psychological research, his psychoanalysis of the id.

You are more to life than you perceive than what you see in the mirror. You have to go behind the mirror to get a complete picture of yourself. In the darkness, you will find your authentic self, the spiritual nature of your being, the psychic energy and physical energy, your spirit, your whole being that enters my world at night in your dreams. Then you are released from your physical flesh, from your prison, if you so will, and become live in another world. And when waking up in the morning, you know that dreams you experienced were not only imagination, but past experiences, or the reality from my world, or the interference between the material plane of life and the spirit world.

Dreams are another aspect of life, another dimension, where your spiritual being finds its true nature. We are all spirits that have lived lives on earth to acquire knowledge for our spiritual evolvement, for climbing to higher levels of expressing our self in its true nature, towards the love that built us, that created all – God´s creation.

A message from Mina Crandon in collaboration with Charles Richet.

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