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As is written or said in the scriptures, Jesus of Nazareth went up the mountain with his friends, James, John and Peter. When they arrived at the top, they were alone, and all of a sudden, Jesus transfigured into whitish clothing, and a cloud embraced Jesus when he spoke with Moses and Elijah. It was not a surprise to his friends, while they were accustomed to these meetings with the spirit world. The whitish clothing was Ectoplasm, exuded from Jesus and his friends to allow Moses and Elijah to materialise.

Materialisation is physical mediumship. Jesus of Nazareth was a physical medium, and also some of his friends. That is why they knew the truth of life that there is no death.

Ectoplasm is the living force of the universe. It can materialise human beings actually to what their mind wants to bring forth.

When I speak whilst the medium is in a Trance, I also impress my energy physically, making thuds underscoring my sayings which I would like to emphasise, correct or verify. It is a manifestation that the medium will listen to after the Trance speech when returning to a conscious state of mind. Trance speech combined with spirit response/thuds as manifestation is physical mediumship. Jostein also employs a table that manifests with thuds on the floor answering questions. We use what you call Telekinetic energy to vitalise the table for you to enjoy communication with the spirit world through the table.

That is how we can communicate using Trance and physical energy combined. We are independent of our vocal organs and Ectoplasm when we use Telekinetic power for communication. Then we can answer questions in our native languages, which gives proof of survival, because according to my knowledge, Jostein has Norwegian as his native language and English as his second. I also think he knows a little German but is not fluent. So, my friends, if you want to communicate in other languages confirming the presence of spirits by asking questions, we can give evidence of survival.

When investigated as a physical medium in Boston in the 1920s, I also used the table and showed the remarkable forces of the spirit world, levitating the table to mid-air. It is a physical manifestation for you to understand that we have to collaborate with the spirit world to bring forth such phenomena. In my mediumship, I also allowed the spirit world to materialise my brother´s hand, Walter Stinson. There is another topic covering this phenomenon. He also spoke through an independent voice box or direct voice, where he built his vocal organ to manifest his speech.

Everything we do to bring forth evidence of survival requires patience from the sitters. Collective energy from several sitters that meet regularly will have a better opportunity for success. That is why physical mediumship is rare.

In the séance, 21 August 2008, with the physical medium Stewart Alexander, my brother Walter manifested the physical energy of Ectoplasm with flying trumpets. Lise and Jostein attended this seance and experienced the trumpets as flying objects – touching their hands and resting for a while in their palms for them to acknowledge the energy of Ectoplasm, its attributes physically and tangibly.

Our friend, Dr Barnet, materialised in the same séance in full form and walked amongst the sitters. He brought the Northern light with him for everyone to see and observe whilst he touched the sitters.

Audio files are available for listening to these experiments.

This Trance speech was a preliminary session on physical mediumship to taste these remarkable forces we have available when love is in our hearts.

I will cover some evidential prospects that we have prepared as contemporary messages from the spirit world as of 2021.

God bless you all.

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