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The materialisation of the human form, body parts emanating from the living force Ectoplasm, exuded from physical mediums is a reality. However, will such materialisations of spirits prove the survival of death? Materialisation isolated, without speech and movement, cannot give the evidence of discarnate beings being in your presence.

Materialising spirits must be accompanied by voice, by familiar voices. A parent, a brother, a sister or a child; loved ones or friends who once were alive on earth returning in physical form, speaking to you, touching you, hugging you, even a kiss that you memorised and once again experienced then materialisations become evidence.

But my friend, what you experience in the séance with a physical medium will only be your personal experience. When you tell the story that you keep in your heart, an account of evidence you were searching for, and tell this outside the séance room, people will hesitate to believe even such proof which gave meaning to your life.

The knowledge that life continues, that life on earth is not the end but gives you and all the entrance to a new life when your physical flesh terminates, is what materialisation provides. Your heartbeats that once gave you life on earth are the heartbeats that still live on in my world, heartbeats of love.

As a physical medium when on earth, I materialised a hand of my brother Walter; I knew it was his hand, his being. It is a personal experience that I can tell the world by words and photos taken by the investigators that scrutinised my physical mediumship; the materialisations, the Ectoplasm, the independent voice, voices that I could not have generated myself from every corner of the room.

Physical mediumship is more than the materialisation of the human form. Spirits can manifest or materialise energy in many different ways on earth, so can animals; Barking in the séance room when no physical dogs are present, spirit lights coming from nowhere – floating in the air, levitation of objects, levitation of the medium, voices from departed spirits recognised by friends, relatives, family members.

Materialisation is a world of beauty for you to investigate and experience. We have just started. It is an evolution that you can take part in to manifest on earth and bring this glorious message of survival to people. We invite everyone to partake in our mission of creating a world of love, of care, a world without extreme poverty, a world of sustainability, a world where gross inequality is of the past.

We are determined to fulfil our mission. The truth of life shall flourish and become a beautiful meadow of flowers around your world.

The Spirit of Mina Crandon

A message from Mina Crandon in collaboration with Charles Richet.

Pictures from the investigation of Mina Crandon´s mediumistic abilities.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasm

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm (ectoplasmic independent voicebox) exuded from Mina Crandon´s ear.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand

Ectoplasm exuded from Mina Crandon´s Solar Plexus, in the process of materialising a spirit hand trying to make a fingerprint.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit hand

The “shake hands” with a materialised spirit hand.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus

Mina Crandon was scrutinised to such a degree that she even nude gave evidence of Ectoplasm materialising spirit-hand from Solar Plexus.

Walter Stinson - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus of Mina Crandon purports to be her brother Walter Stinson

Walter Stinson – Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus of Mina Crandon purports to be her brother Walter Stinson.

Across the borderline

Read about the experience of Materialisation in Across the Borderline. Available in English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish and Norwegian edition.

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