Before I came here this morning, the Spirit Council had a meeting, as we always have, before entering the séance room and meeting Jostein, the medium who has prepared himself for another message from my world, the spirit world, the world of eternity.

He starts with a prayer asking for guidance, wisdom and love from my world, and he gives us and manifests the love that meets our passion and becomes the Bridge of Love. The speech that we have prepared, the words we start saying, that we impress on his subconscious mind, he pronounces, and we have locked his subconscious mind to my mind as the speaker and messenger from the spirit world.

So, my friends, the words you read now are my words, thoughts that he interprets and forms as sentences, and the speech from my world.

We are the living evidence for your world. The spirit world is the living evidence of your eternal life. If you do not approach us, if you base your life on a belief, you will never be sure of the continuity of life.

The spirit world is a replica of your world because our minds create our world, the minds that we once had when on earth. We appreciate the beauties of your world, and we want to have them with us in this life. The flowers, the colours, the animals; nature in all its beauties; the rivers, the mountains, the seas, the oceans, the birds singing beautiful tunes, the fish in the sea, and the wonderful, magnificent wales, they are all here. They are all part of our lives, but we don’t eat them; they are our friends, they are of the exact origin as ourselves created by the force of love.

I am trying to illustrate the magnificent views that I have in my everyday life because there is no decay. I live in a loving atmosphere, and some don´t due to their horrific behaviour when on earth. But no one is left behind; everyone receives the help, the assistance that is suited for them.

The other day, some friends of mine told me that they would like to return to Earth, to reincarnate, because they had received the opportunity to live a new life on Earth once again, to meet their expectations of a higher level of understanding, of experience. They had seen that a new life could be of benefit to their fellow beings on Earth, their family.

Well, how do people reincarnate on earth? Reincarnation is real. You have people on earth who remember, have a remembrance of past lives, children who can tell where they once lived, who their parents were. Difficult to comprehend in your lives on earth. Here, this couple has to enter into a phase of spiritual life where their memories become a subconscious memory erased from their conscious mind. When they arrive on earth, they do not recall their previous lives, but some very few have this recollection. It is given to them by the Almighty Spirit so people can learn on earth, get a grasp of what life is all about, experience, reach higher spiritually, and eventually become love and be one with our Creator.

We are the living evidence that you can meet on the Bridge of Love. We are your family, your loved one, your friends, people you knew from past lives that you meet again when you re-enter the spirit world. Here you will rejoice with your friend, that you appreciated, who are waiting for you and give you a warm welcome if your life on earth was of love, of decency, where you gave of your self, in whatever capacity you had, in whatever life you lived. As long as you have love in your heart, you cannot go wrong, and your life in the spirit world will be beautiful.

God does not deny us communication between our two worlds if love prevails. Through love, we can achieve true communication, consistent communication, honest communication because love is truth, and love the mightiest force, the unbreakable force, that you feel and live within. Know that this is the only path to a higher level of understanding. Realize that all the people on earth are your family, brothers, and sisters, whom you have to care for. No one is to live a life in hunger, in extreme poverty, in gross inequality. It is inhuman, and you can all do something about it. You can raise your voice and protest.

Because these people who suffered on earth, you will meet again in the spirit world, and they will know what you did in your life to protect them, to help them. Sympathy is not sufficient. Food security, eradicating hunger and poverty is to care for your family and to care for planet earth, your home.

We are the living evidence.

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