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During the investigation of my physical mediumship, we experienced phenomena that are beyond your imagination. Ectoplasm exteriorised, exuded from my orifices. A hand was materialising from my solar plexus. Ectoplasm was streaming from my ears and nose, forming the direct independent voice box, where spirits from my world could communicate and bring forward messages from their world, where I now abide.

With love in my heart, I wanted to show the world that communication with the spirit world was attainable, was a fact and could be given as solid proof as survival after death. It was a creation by the Almighty spirit resulting from God´s providence, God´s creation.

What excellent opportunities you have to be in communication with the spirit world, your loved ones, your friends, and your ancestors. We are of God; carved out of his hands, everything possible to achieve on Earth is of God. Otherwise, it would not be possible. God gives us the faculties to provide evidence of life after death. He gives us the living force, Ectoplasm. He gives us the psychic energy that my world can employ on Earth to manifest, levitate a table, materialise a hand, or materialise spirits for a while. Hence, you can watch, witness, and speak to discarnate beings who are still alive in another dimension. Physical death on Earth is giving you a new life in another dimension, the spirit world. Your eternal being cannot die; it is the spirit of love you received as a newborn on Earth.

God has a plan for his creation, our universe because we are God´s children. And as the good mother and father, the Almighty Spirit, our parents, as one Creator, allows us to live many lives on Earth to learn, investigate, and find new challenges, new opportunities, new adventures with different people; people of the same family, our brothers and sisters, and our fellow beings. And in this family, we care for our siblings.

What I am telling you is a beacon of light you can use to manoeuvre your life. When you are confident that life is eternal and you are an infinite being, you will change your life perspectives. Your innermost being will change, and this change will ultimately change the world. People will comprehend that life is a gift of love.

Eternal life gives you the meaning of life on Earth. Your life is to care for your family, to fight for your family, so people are released from their chains of hunger and poverty, from suffering in today’s world.

The disasters of your world due to climate change, the floods, the droughts, the hopeless conditions that wealthy countries are instrumental of, and the burden they place on the shoulders of innocent people, who have to meet their day without bread, without food security, without freedom from want and fear. Our mission to bring this truth to your world is of love for our family on Earth.

We see that your world needs change. It needs to change people and their perception of life because everyone on Earth will one day join the spirit world and see the world that they created for their children, the next generations.

Our mission is of Gods creation; we are messengers of God, messengers of love and wisdom. Care, share and love – words we want you to keep in your heart.

Physical mediumship gives you the truth of life, God´s creation,

Amen, God bless you all.

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