Charles Richet coined the expression Ectoplasm. Charles investigated psychical research, psychical phenomena and published the book A Treatise on Metapsychics, 30 years of psychical research. So, what on earth is Ectoplasm? During my physical mediumship investigation, Ectoplasm exteriorized from my orifices, and a hand materialized from Ectoplasm exuded from solar plexus.

Ectoplasm is the living force dependent on the consciousness of spirits, manifesting various phenomena, such as a normal warm solid hand, a flower, a heart or an animal liver. A biologist took a sample of the Ectoplasm when Walter prepared his hand for the earthly environment. I am quite sure that my brother Walter made this animal liver substance with his mind to freak out this biologist because you can see from the photos taken by the investigators that a hand materializing from the liver of an animal is absurd.

The scientists of your world do not know what this living force consists of because they are blindfolded when entering quantum physics, where consciousness is vital to understand the universe and other dimensions beyond the spectrum of light.

Read the research from Charles Richet and his investigation, and I can assure you that you will have many question marks on his pages but are there for you to investigate. Be open to forces that you cannot comprehend. Your technology will enhance, strengthen the realization that matter and consciousness is a creative force.

The spirit world is open for you to investigate. Still, you need to remove the barriers of your scientific foundation that everything is of the periodic system and nothing else. Ectoplasm demonstrates that matter depends on consciousness; that is how we in the spirit world make our world. The living force is present to us; what we think becomes a reality if our minds have spiritual evolution. The living force is the love that created your world, the universe, all the dimensions that you cannot see – God´s creation. But we in the spirit world collaborate with you, with physical mediums on earth who you accuse of fraudulence since you do not understand the basics of the universal creative power.

But we have to start somewhere to make people on earth understand that we are alive. We who left our physical bodies, our mortal beings, are still active in another dimension, with bodies that suit the environment we live in.

You all have this living force, Ectoplasm. Some have more than others. It is what you are made of. From the photos taken by the investigators, you can see the materialization of my brother Walter’s hand. He created his hand by his thought, a hand he remembered from his life on earth because I can assure you that the remembrance is preserved, is a reality of your mind. That is how we express ourselves in the spirit world, not as old beings, but how we remembered ourselves as young. I materialize myself in my thirties because it suits my well-being, how I want to stay alive and present myself in the spirit world. But of course, it is your choice, if you would like to stay old in the spirit world, well that is your wish, and some do whilst some hide from others due to their horrible behaviour and lives on earth.

Now you know that Ectoplasm is a thought matter. Testing, experimenting with Ectoplasm from a scientific viewpoint is a matter of understanding life, your conscious mind.

Ectoplasm is not an abnormality; it is the true essence of life.

A message from Mina Crandon in collaboration with Charles Richet.

Pictures of ectoplasmic independent voicebox and materialized spirit hand from the investigation of the physical medium Mina Crandon

Mina Crandon - A Two Years Investigation of Physical Mediumship

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