Materialization of the vocal apparatus gives the spirit world the entrance for speaking to your world from a distance of a physical medium that we utilize for such a phenomenon.

It is as natural to us as materializing a hand that you have seen with your own eyes from pictures that the investigators of my physical mediumship took. The investigators could hardly believe that my brother Walter materialized his vocal organ and gave evidence of his presence by whistling from different corners in the séance room. It was too hard to believe, even though some did. They used their logic and realized that if you can materialize a warm solid firm hand, why should we not materialize the vocal apparatus.

They accused me of being a ventriloquist. They held their hands in front of my mouth, felt my chest to observe, to feel that the voices were not mine. I even had to fill my mouth with water whilst an investigator held his hand on my mouth. Well, you can say that it is reasonable to be scrutinized as a medium that proclaims to have evidential facts of the afterlife.

Direct voice, also called the independent voice box, has been brought to life by many physical mediums. Leslie Flint was one of them where spirit voices of different personalities gave their messages. But he was scrutinized as well. People are naturally sceptical about what they cannot understand.

Ectoplasm is the living force, and it can materialize all aspects of the human form and give spirit people the opportunity to come amongst you in complete form. From ancient times materialization has been performed. You can read about it in the scriptures; you can even read about different mediums from the last 100 years who gave of themselves and even died because people exposed them to light when in a Trance, exteriorizing Ectoplasm, materializing spirit people. I am saying this for you to be aware of the danger to physical mediums demonstrating ectoplasmic phenomena. The physical medium’s health is at risk because light may cause the exuded Ectoplasm to suddenly draw back into the physical medium’s body and cause bodily injury and even death.

I could manifest my brother Walters hand from the Ectoplasm drawn from my solar plexus due to my physical nature. I was in agony, but it was a determination to provide this evidence to your world even though I was putting my health at stake. I gave myself entirely for this mission to bring this glorious message of survival after death to the world.

Ectoplasm – the essence of life, the living force, the creative power we use in the spirit world, in another form, but likewise we create by thought, materialize thoughts by utilizing Ectoplasm for direct voice to be heard on earth.

The message we want to give you is of love. Ectoplasm demonstrates the survival of death, and by this living force, we can come amongst you and prove our existence on earth.

The manifestation of survival after death should be a headline in your world. Then people would reflect on life, change and help people who starve, who live in extreme poverty, who are helpless without your aid, the aid from the wealthy countries.

Direct voice with messages from my world is of immense importance to your world. You are watching your world tragedies every night in the news; direct voice can be a news channel to your world, a channel of the spirit world. Develop and manifest this channel on earth, and we of the spirit world will broadcast our messages, our music and our love to your world.

God bless you all.

A message from Mina Crandon in collaboration with Charles Richet.

Pictures from the investigation of Mina Crandon´s mediumistic abilities.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasm

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm (ectoplasmic independent voicebox) exuded from Mina Crandon´s ear.

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