The spirit world values cold case spirit intervention if it can make people understand that there is no death and that murder creates disaster for oneself and others. Spirit intervention is about shedding light on clues known only to the perpetrator and the victim that can lighten the burden through confession and forgiveness when you are on earth. When crossing the threshold of death, the victim’s state of mind can interfere with their recollection of the crime scene, which may prevent solving their case.

Leaving no traces behind, perpetrators can get away with murder on Earth. However, perpetrators have no escape in the spirit world; retribution will come. Perpetrators will find themselves in an unavoidable state of suffering, unable to free themselves from the suffering they inflicted on their victims. It becomes a mental disorder in the Spirit World. Confession and forgiveness are thus vital to rectify misdeeds when on Earth.

“Charity is your salvation” by Mother Teresa in spirit.


Spirit Intervention in cold cases proves Survival of the Spirit by identifying Spirit ID (SID) through communication with victims of crime. However, when the remains are gone, someone must divulge details that coincide with spirit clues for spirit intervention to succeed. We will update related news on social media when available; see platform icons in the footer.

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