by Nelson Mandela in spirit, 27 September 2017

I accompanied Jostein, the medium, in a theatre performance yesterday, children’s theatre, while his grandchild joined a beautiful choir of youngsters singing cheerful tunes that have been appreciated for many years in Norway ‒ children, youths and joyful laughter ‒ a joy for themselves and us as the audience. I joined Jostein this evening to take part in his pleasure watching the youth, the next generation who will bear the fruits of this knowledge, who will one day know that their life here on earth is the school of life, a school provided to find joy and happiness, a school provided for them to see the truth of life, that there is no death, that they are eternal beings.

As a spirit, I can travel around your globe, and I see the disasters, hunger, famine, and wars where children are crying and starving to death. World leaders have forgotten the starvation, catastrophe of famine in Sudan, Chad, Niger, Yemen, Somalia, and other countries. They are too preoccupied with their vanity to show indulgence towards these poor children. What a disgrace!

World leaders are responsible for enhancing the United Nations to empower them to solve such crises in your world.

I have seen the atrocities in the war zones committed by human beings towards their brothers and sisters. We are one family on earth; we are all God’s children. No one is to be left behind. No one.

I have observed the rhetoric from the superpower United States and North Korea. To drop a nuclear bomb is a mad man’s work. Come to your senses. Nonviolence is the strongest weapon, peaceful talks. The United Nations, the Security Council, can solve these conflicts. Multilateral agreements can be achieved in the name of the United Nations. You are one world on this beautiful blue planet in the universe, a creation by God, and you are his hands on earth ‒ care for all of his children. Come to your senses when on earth. On this side of life, you will see the consequences of your decisions, of your behaviour. Come to us one day with dignity because you gave of yourself for the benefit of all, because you paid respect to God’s creation, to his love that gave you life to learn, to find yourself and to become love like your Creator.

Our presence from the spirit world is not only words. We will provide evidence of our survival. Jostein, the medium, will give you such evidence. When you know that we are not dead, that we are alive in another form in another world, and that we can communicate and manifest our thoughts, our beings, physically, then you know that there are no more secrets in your world.

Heal the world ‒ Care, Share and Love your neighbour.

When the truth of eternal life is revealed, your world will change, your leaders will change, and the people will change. We are here to make a difference in your world, to your knowledge, even though God has given you his wisdom in his creation, in nature. In our communication, God blesses our initiative so you can raise yourself in your world so that you can heal your world.

Let this word CARE find its place in your heart so that you can be filled with God’s love that you can express and give yourself to your family on earth. Let that be your life. Amen