Spiritual development and Spirit World Insight are decisive for prudent mediumship development.

Pay heed to the
Safety Precautions addressed by the Spirit World.

Physical Mediumship
Across the Borderline Physical Mediumship combines Telepathy, Trance, Telekinesis and Ectoplasm to demonstrate survival after physical death.

If developing Physical mediumship is your desire, be aware;

Physical mediumship is arduous mentally and physically. In an early stage of development, you are at risk. Before you can guard yourself, mischievous or frivolous spirits, not necessarily evil, may influence your progress and also your daily life when they see an opportunity. Spirituality is the path to safeguard your mediumship.

Spirit World Insight

As a physical medium, you are of particular interest to the Spirit World because physical mediumship is rare, and spirit people know that you can or may be able to demonstrate that dead people survived the physical flesh.

A physical medium will endure hardship, but it is through trials, the medium achieves mastery. Be prepared to sacrifice years of at least weekly seances in darkness for development with Spirit collaborators. In some instances, an acute illness may, all of a sudden occur in the seance room. Even though it passes by quickly, health becomes an issue. If the conditions in the seances are not manageable and health issues consist, terminate.

Spirit collaborators are like us, human beings, just in another vibration (as in radio waves and light), unseen to your physical eyes. They have a new life in the spirit world. Respect their privacy, as they respect yours. Schedule seances/meetings in advance if not in the case of an emergency.

You attract spirits with the same attitude, motives and desires as you have yourself. They know how you live your life. When souls of virtue and dignity see that love is your driving force, they will assist you in your endeavours, and remember, love, is the mightiest force in the universe.

Physical mediumistic abilities are innate. If this is not your path in life, progression will halt.

Trance speech
In the trance state, the medium uses a breathing technique (self-imposed deep breathing) to subdue the conscious mind. The trance initiation allows the spirit communicator to take over and use the vocabulary of the medium’s subconscious to convey their messages. The medium has no recollection of the full message, only fragments, if at all. An audio recorder is needed to prepare a written paper. Interference with the conscious mind of the medium will end a trance speech.

Subconscious muscular movement may give the false impression of experiencing telekinesis and communication with the Spirit World. Real telekinetic energy provided by the Spirit World is forceful and can levitate objects in mid-air. With this in mind, you will know that subconscious muscular movement is not telekinetic power and cannot convey Spirit communication.

Telekinesis is essential for Trance and Telepathy. Otherwise, there will be no instantaneous verification of Spirit identity and communication.

Third eye activation
Awakening of your third eye is vital to mediumship development. When prepared for Spirit World interaction, your spirit collaborators will work with you through your pineal gland. When you feel a slight pressure in your forehead, there is development. In physical mediumship, the third eye is also used by Spirit to control and safeguard the seances. This process may create an intense, but fluctuating pressure in your forehead dependent on seance conditions. As a physical medium, you are the instrument and will endure physical exhaustion. However, rest and sleep will restore to normal.

Spirit may use the living force, ectoplasm, drawn from the medium to manifest phenomena. The process that requires darkness feels like a foamlike fluid emanating from your sense organs; ears, eyes, nose and mouth, sometimes with a scent. We all have this living force; however, quantum and availability vary. When working with ectoplasm, extreme caution is crucial. Sudden light in a darkened seance will cause the ectoplasm to retract instantly back to the medium and may result in severe injury. Consistently adhere to safety precautions.

In spirit communication, never accept anything contrary to your intellect and common sense.

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– Jostein Strommen

Spirit World Insight

Mina Crandon - Physical Mediumship

Mina Crandon - Physical Mediumship