1. The Almighty Spirit


The Almighty Spirit is Love. That is the purest love you can ever reach. God is supreme. God is in you and God is everywhere in the nature, all under us, all above us. God is universal. When I say that we have God within us, we have all this spark of the Almighty Spirit; it is a thing that is flickering, waiting for your spiritual awareness. When that time comes, the spark will grow outward and there will be a light that you yourself will represent towards humanity. This God is not something outside away from you. It is within. God is the breath that you breathe in and out. When the spark starts to shine, God is expanding in you and wants you to be a temple for your spirit, living in his picture and to let the light shine forth towards other human beings so that you can be an example for the Almighty.

It is like the seed that is planted in the ground. It knows where the sun is and where it wants to grow, but it has to be nurtured, and when it is nurtured it will grow and grow, breathing in the air and with the aid of the sun, it will rise up and shine. It is similar with you, if you let God work inside you. Increasing your spiritual awareness is the key to God. Inside you, you should strive for love, peace and harmony. That is what God is, he is, and she is, the Almighty Spirit, or the Great White Spirit as we call it. When you come to this side you will increase your spirituality, if you so wish, and then you are moving towards God, because that is where we want to be.

You have God inside you, and when you increase in love, peace and harmony on this side, you will see glimpses of the higher spheres, the great white light above you. This white light is angels, angels that have been human beings sometimes, earlier in their lifetime. When they increase in love, they are moving towards God, which is love, and they are united. We are human beings, and we are here on earth to tell you the vital message, that by increasing your spiritual awareness you will get closer to God. You can raise yourself by prayer, casting aside your selfishness, your greed and your vanity. Cultivate honesty and love and you will reach your destination of peace when you are here on earth. It is God operating in you. That is why you are here on earth for your spiritual journey to conquer material things that overshadow the vital things.

I am speaking to you, from this side of life, in love for humanity. We are many friends that are working on this to make a better world, a world in love and peace without selfishness, a world of charity where you can find peace and live among each other in harmony, sharing what God has given you on earth, for the earth shall be as in heaven some day in the future. We know that when people become aware of the afterlife, being conscious of their friends standing by, they will act differently, because when spiritual awareness comes, love will reign.

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