A spirit world message from Liu Xiaobo.

China must take an unequivocal position to enhance World Peace.

With its peace initiative in the Ukraine war, the Chinese government can find its completion and bring peace to Ukraine and the World.

I gave my lecture at the Nobel Institute in spirit. Freedom of speech and democracy are the fundament for World Peace. I speak from the world beyond, the afterlife, where there are equal rights for all spirits – human beings, indeed God’s democracy, where we are all equal, and no one is more important than the other. We are of the same origin, created by God’s hands.

The spirit world condemns the aggression from Russia towards a sovereign state. The spirits from the past of China encourage the Chinese government and the people of China to be in the front seat of world peace.

The spirit world condemns the disasters of the world – the wars and atrocities brought into being by world leaders – horrors that leaders themselves will face in the spirit world; no one escapes.

Charity and peace for all people of the Earth is the mission of world leaders – providing security, human rights, and love.
The United Nations and its security council, the UN charter – the commitments made are the responsibility of world leaders. The spirit world requests world leaders to take an unequivocal stand for peace.

You are God’s hands on Earth, and God is unconditional love. You be the same whether you are a political leader or just a human being – because love made you. Be God’s hands, bring love to the world, and create peace.

China, my own country – I live in a world similar to planet Earth; I live in a land in the spirit world which has the name China, a free democratic land where we can speak freely, where we all are treated with brotherhood and love, all with equal rights, Gods love for all.

Let our world, the spirit world descend upon Earth so we can all take part in the mission of creating heaven on Earth.

Liu Xiaobo in Spirit –

The Nobel Committee awarded Liu Xiaobo the
Nobel Peace Prize in 2010

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