A Spirit World Message.

World hunger is shameful.
It is a shame for every one of us.
There is no shortage of food on this planet.

My friends, let us make hunger history; it is a matter of will and resolve. Political leaders can take immediate action.

From this side of life, we see the despair of the hungry. We see the tears running down the cheeks of the children. We see tears that cannot find their way from the child’s eye. They have lost faith in humanity—what a miserable condition we give these poor souls, our fellow beings, Gods children, as we all are. We are all equal in the eyes of the Creator. You are here on Earth to give your love and to care for your siblings, for your brothers and sisters.

Two-thirds of the hungry live in rural areas. They are farmers, small farmers without the technology, access to credit, access to fertilisers that could have brought them ten times more from their crops. A world filled with egotism. It is a shame.

Agriculture cannot alone solve hunger, but it is an effective tool to get ahead. Health, education, environmental issues, climate crises are all there to be dealt with to free people from hunger.

The World Food Program received the Nobel Peace Prize last year in its effort to provide the hungry with the necessities to stay alive. Food is a peace initiative, but improvement in an effective social profile to provide resources, education, employment, technology, and funding is essential.

The world has the know-how to make hunger history. I don’t have to tell you how, but I can tell you the consequences for your behaviour on Earth that you will one day meet in the spirit world by your negligence, by your egotism. You see my friend, you that can make hunger history, you that have the power to influence, to provide the resources, but do not use it, will find your own suffering in the spirit world – many regrets, many tears, the tears that I told you about, that we see in the fields on Earth, from people, your neighbour, your equal. Do whatever you can to solve the hunger crises, to make hunger history, and you will find joy, not only in the spirit world but also on Earth. It is a matter of will and resolve. Do not hesitate. Start today.

Gross inequality is not human. Make life for every one human.

Hunger and poverty are the same issues; they must be tackled together. Extreme poverty causes hunger. They are the same blight and a joint challenge.

Zero hunger is one of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals that you all have to partake in and accomplish.

It is a matter of will and resolve.
Political leaders of the world! You have the resources; you have the might to end poverty and to meet this goal – zero hunger.

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2020.

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2020.