United Nations Day by Kofi Annan

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The 24 of October 1945 changed the world.
One hundred ninety-three countries are part of the United Nations and constitute Mother Earth.

The United Nations is the government of Mother Earth.
Its governance is far from idealistic since the security council and its members have a veto. In that respect, there is a war in Europe today between Russia and Ukraine where Russia is the aggressor toward a member state on similar terms as Russia. What governance is that by the highest assembly of decision makers in your world?

United Nations is founded on decency, honesty, collaboration, and multilateral agreements, honouring the constitution every year as United Nations Day, the 24 of October, 77 years since its establishment.

I, Kofi Annan, former general secretary of the United Nations from 1997 -2006, speak to you from the spirit world. We watch your endeavours. We take part in the security council and the general assembly, spirits from my side of life. We watch you and try to influence you to do the good things in life.

We watch the security council trying to achieve a mutual ground for peace talks, establish peace in Ukraine, and influence the aggressor Russia to stop their invasion. You have all your own will. That is why there are different opinions on evil and good. God’s will is love for his children. And we are his hands as you are his hands on earth. We are his messengers and want to celebrate United Nations Day as a day of peace.

The sustainable development goals are there for you to attain by 2030, and you are behind schedule. No Hunger, no poverty is a human right similar to your rights who are in the security council and the general assembly.

Remember this, my friends. On this day of celebration, celebrating the foundation of the United Nations – read the charter once again, and know why you have your seat as your representative for your country.

I will prove that I am Kofi Annan, the spirit of the past on earth, but alive in a new world, God’s kingdom where love prevails.

We encourage you to let God’s will be your will. His will is universal love. Bring God’s will into your heart and be God’s hands on earth.

God bless the United Nations!

United Nations Day, 24 October – United Nations

United Nations Charter

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