KOFI ANNAN - The United Nations is the Mother to every Child on Earth

KOFI ANNAN - The United Nations is the Mother to every Child on Earth

I am speaking today from the spirit world through the medium in a Trance. I am thus able to convey my thoughts to your world.

I want to address myself to the United Nations, the Nobel Institute and to the ladies and gentlemen who listened to my lecture two decades ago, in 2001, in the hall of the Nobel Institute. My friends, there are no majesties, no royal highnesses, no excellencies in this world where I now abide. There are ladies and gentlemen, spirits who are still human beings. There is no death. I want to prolong, extend my speech, my lecture.

Kofi Annan
Nobel Lecture

What I said two decades ago, where I started with this Afghan girl, centuries from the prosperous world, it is as valid today as ever before. This lecture two decades ago is also my speech today, but I will extend this speech to my situation today, after death.

The 18. August 2018, I met a new world, a beautiful world, a world I want to see on Earth, a world where human beings are treated with dignity, a world with human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of association. No, we do not have poverty, only in the minds of people who have gone astray on Earth, people that gave inhuman conditions to their fellow beings.

Love is our guiding principle in everything we do. Love is the guiding principle of the United Nations, to care for every human being on Earth, to care for the baby, the boy and the girl. The refugees of your world are known, they are there, but the world and their leaders close their eyes. They are to preoccupied with their power, their egotism. Democracy, the rule of law must prevail for your world to raise itself towards a human life we all can be proud of, human life we all want to see for ourselves, with prosperity, with education for all, with freedoms for the people.

War must be abolished. The United Nations are there to solve conflicts, to keep human beings in focus, their lives and rights for a dignified life, for a peaceful life, for a happy life, – we the peoples ¹, the United Nations.

My friend White Bear gave a statement on the Coronavirus. It is a call for global action. You can all see that the only path to fight the viruses, the pandemics in the future is by unity. It affects all people. It must be thought of as a global enemy that you in collaboration, all countries in your world, can fight together. Help each other, show solidarity with the poor, with the affected, give them the resources to solve their conditions.

The spirit world is a replica of your world, but we are your roots, and you are the blooming tree, and we are here to guide you, to give you hope.

You will meet yourself at the door to the threshold of death. What you gave to others of love, of care will be your destiny on this side, a destiny of beauty. You who only cared for yourself, who didn’t care for your neighbour, will meet poverty in the spirit world.

Let us join forces; you can change; you can change the world. The United Nations is the mother to every child on Earth. Join forces, create a United Nations with the resources to fulfil its task. You can create heaven on Earth by giving love, by caring, by understanding life itself.


Kofi Annan may be addressed in English, French and several African languages. Answers are conveyed by Telekinetic energy to document his presence and insight.


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