A spirit world message.

To Mr Putin and the people of Russia,

Mr Putin, I do not have troops at my disposal, but I genuinely have spirit world insight. An insight you lack as the leader of your nation. That is a disgrace.

The slaughtering you perform with your troops, your soldiers, and your neighbours is an aggression against a peace-loving people, the people of Ukraine.

What mandate have you received to bring a catastrophe over your people, over your troops? Certainly not a mandate from your people. It is a failure; you commit atrocities to innocent people, to your neighbour, to souls both in your own country and in Ukraine.

Mr Putin, you will have to face the consequences of your behaviour in the spirit world. Extreme poverty; a disaster to your mind. We in the spirit world watch you, watch the killing you have brought into being. You are killing innocent people, a tragedy to yourself, your people, and the people of Ukraine.

Turn around now, withdraw your troops, let Ukraine stay as an independent nation according to the UN Charter. You have no right to invade a sovereign state, a state part of the United Nations as Russia also is.

I speak to you from where I abide after death. I see the horror that leaders who went on similar journeys as yourself are struggling with. It is indeed not a pleasant sight.

My weapon is decency, honesty, truthfulness, the wisdom of life. I have God’s love in my heart. – The love that you have forgotten for your people, your neighbours, and the Ukrainian people. Withdraw your troops, your weapons of destruction and bring Charity to the world. It is the only path to your salvation – to get rid of the cruelty you have been the leader of, the catastrophe that war aggression will give.

Kofi Annan in Spirit

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