Long-term planning is the key to sustainable cities and communities. In developing countries, people are drawn to urban areas whilst the opportunities for jobs, employment is far more achievable than in rural areas. On the African continent the population will double to 2,5 billion people in 2050. That is the forecast and what the countries of this continent have to plan.

We have observed large cities that, without planning, building infrastructure, transportation facilities, and housing areas, give the ground for slum areas. By long-term planning in populated areas, you will avoid miserable conditions where lack of water and sanitation result from poor planning.

Even ancient Rome planned for these crucial elements of welfare, water and sanitation. Quite another perspective at that time, but they planned their cities because they knew that to achieve sustainable environment and livelihoods, they had to prepare themselves, prepare the infrastructure for its inhabitants.

In developing countries, particularly on Africa’s con-tinent, people do not have to foster polluted areas but experience climate change because they have become prisoners of the developed countries and their climate emissions. Developing countries know the hazardous effect of pollution and must empha-sise green technology.

Beijing city in China has to close their steel and cementing factories during the wintertime due to air pollution and health issues. It is a necessity. Sustainable cities and communities provide healthy air, fresh air so people can breathe and enjoy their lives outside; enjoy parks and nature, a prominent part of beautiful cities.

In developed countries, they strive with air pollution. Economic growth with polluting industries has created cities and communities that are not sustainable, need to change, mitigate their emissions, give back people their freedom, and their nature to enjoy where they live. The big cities and their societies are there for renovation; they are no exception. The future calls for a sustainable environment.

The technology of today will bring forward new green facilities with autonomous cars and drones for package delivery. It is only our imagination that will stop further development.

People of the world; there is freedom of speech, health issues will be heard.

When you cannot breathe, there is no life. Create beautiful cities where people can enjoy life, enjoy growth, and find education where hunger and poverty are of the past; where people can enjoy employment, good jobs, a good foundation for income for sustaining their families and their lives.

Cities and communities of the future must be sustainable, resilient, and have all you need to meet that goal.