A Spirit World Message.

If all people were responsible, we would have had sustainable development on Earth. Unfortunately, people are not.

But you can make a difference as a global citizen, as a consumer. Let me give some advice.

If you live in a country with a multiparty system and governance, you can vote for the people you are in line with, who have the same responsible opinion as yourself, welfare for all.

Secondly, you can make noise; you can be an activist of responsible behaviour as a consumer. You can give your opinion on social media and share it with others, so companies who behave irresponsibly are held accountable. You would be surprised when you watch closely companies that you thought acted responsibly actually were involved in child labour, destruction of local economies and or environmental damages.

Lastly, you have power as a consumer. You do not need to buy products from irresponsible companies. Use your voice, and you can make a difference.

Massive amounts of food go to waste every year, and at the same time, people who live in extreme poverty starve to death. Companies and political leaders have an obligation that food handling is given priority for the needy, hungry people.

Climate change has caused a humanitarian emergency with drought, floods and destroyed crops. Billions of people are hit by the consequences of greenhouse gas emissions, subsidised by “responsible governments”. Are political leaders accountable for encouraging the oil and gas industry with subsidies in fossil fuel production that causes people unliveable, unsustainable lives? Of course, they are not behaving responsibly.

But political leaders can turn around. They can move these subsidies to green technology. Then you find responsible production; then, you become responsible political leaders. Likewise, companies can become responsible employers where their employees find the true meaning of corporate responsibility to combat the climate crises and provide society with sustainable development for all people.

To ratify the Paris Agreement and to meet the goals are to behave responsibly. Political leaders! Have these billions of people in mind that either will suffer from your decisions or achieve sustainability in their lives. You can make a change. You can become responsible political leaders for the sustainability of Planet Earth.

Responsible consumption and production is a sustainable development goal of the United Nations; you can meet this goal; it is a matter of political will and responsible behaviour.

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