A Spirit World Message.

Inequality is human-made. We may have different religions, different colour of skin, another gender, but we all belong to the human race.

Failing to provide education gives illiteracy. Education is a human right. Education provides the fundament for equality, for understanding what we read and write. We are of different languages, cultures, and ethnic belonging, but we are born by the same creative force carved out of God’s hands.

Religions give a taste of inequality. How can that be when we are spirits of the same Creator made out of his love for us all? Sanctity call for equality. We are of the exact origin; men and women, boys and girls, and the newborn child. We were made equal, on equal terms. Gender unites us with the same human right for a dignified life as sanctified human beings. It is a sustainable development goal of the United Nations.

Wealth divides us and impoverishes us as human beings.

The world has tremendous wealth in few hands and needs a social profile to end poverty and hunger. Wealth is for all. However, decent life is to live in modesty so everyone can share the resources on planet earth. That makes us equal and reduces inequality, the sustainable development goal of the United Nations.

Food, security, a just life, healthy life is to be born equal. The United Nations is the mother to every child on earth because children, boys and girls, women and men, are treated differently.

Countries like Yemen, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, South Sudan, Syria and other developing countries with food shortage, where people go hungry to bed, feel forgotten by the world. Open a haven for these people deprived of a decent life, who live in homes people in the wealthy countries would have found humiliating. Provide them with food, livelihood and sustainable life.

You do not need a lot of empathy to place yourself in their place. Let them know that God is present on Earth and in heaven because you are Gods hands in your lives on Earth; you are Gods hands, do not forget that you were made equal, that inequalities are human-made and that you can do something about it. That is why you have the sustainable development goals prepared for you by the United Nations.

Love must always come first, be foremost. Care is a beautiful word; let it go into action. Care is what these poor souls who live in extreme poverty search for, cry for, dream about. Fulfil their dreams, and let inequality be history.

God bless you.


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