I speak to you from the world beyond, the spirit world. That is liberating. Education gives power, power to transform. Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.

Speaking to you from this side of life is education, new knowledge for most of you. Education is a human right, immense power to liberate, to transform your world.

On Earth, there is a vast gap between the vulnerable people who live in impoverished countries and or countries of lousy governance, countries that suppress their inhabitants, push children, girls and boys into child labour. Education is freedom from such regimes. Education empowers girls who are vulnerable when distant from the classrooms. Giving childbirth when they are children is abuse. Children need steady educational progress with love and support from society to achieve freedom and sustainable human development.

Education initiates peace, whereas illiteracy or lack of literacy leads to misinformation to exposed, vulnerable children. Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. It is a statement I gave on Earth in my physical flesh, and I want you to understand that what I said then I still remember clearly, and it is as valid today.

Just a tiny percentage, very few of the poor, have access to the information technology that the wealthy countries regard as part of their daily lives. Many of the poor have never owned a book, never been able to access your technology, the World Wide Web, the Internet. Computers, for them, are dreams.

In the spirit world, there is education, halls of learning, but Planet Earth is the school of life where you learn right from wrong; that is where you can develop your spirit and find the true path – Gods love.

Reincarnation is education. You have lived many lives; you are eternal, an eternal spirit and lives on Earth are tempting while you know that a new life might raise you, develop you. Many who come to the spirit world expect to see their ancestors, their predecessors, their parents. My friends, sometimes reincarnation is their choice. A choice you will understand when you join the spirit world one day. Reincarnation is love; it is a gift from the Almighty spirit to us all to find the true path in life.

Reincarnation is a genuine God-given education, but you can likewise provide proper education for the poor, abused, and vulnerable, who lack education. I say this for you to understand that you can change these poor children’s conditions. You can provide an equitable education system for all, an education of quality and equality.

You do not have to be born again. You can change the conditions when on Earth. You can raise yourself spiritually in your lifetime. Survival after death is liberating knowledge.

Death is the entrance to a new life; see that you have raised yourself with love in your heart before entering this new world.

My friends, let us build a society based on equality and equitable life with education for all; it is your responsibility because you are God’s hands when on Earth. Let love be your guiding principle, and you cannot fail.

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