A Spirit World Message.

Poverty is human-made.
Poverty is obscene, life in prison.
People who live in poverty are imprisoned. It is time to set them free.
Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years due to the apartheid system due to oppression. He was a slave of his time. Poverty is slavery.

Abraham Lincoln, the emancipator of slavery, achieved emancipation for human beings who had been trapped in lost freedom. Those are great people who have shown the way for you today.

Eradicate poverty, set the slaves free.

In this modern world with high tech, the accumulation of wealth is in few hands. We are equal, and we are all born by the same creative force. We are all spirits of the same God. The accumulation of wealth is a paradox.

Reach for the spirit level when on Earth because that is your destiny after death, where wealth accumulation has no value. The expansion of wealth turns into tears in the spirit world; tears of sorrow, tears of pity, tears of anger, and tears that you will watch from the little children who have lost their freedom, who live in terrible, miserable conditions on Earth due to people’s egotism.

You can find greatness in your world. You can be great by eradicating poverty. Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. Poverty is unnatural. We are all born equal with the same human right for a dignified descent life.

Ending poverty is a collective responsibility. Do not look the other way. Do not hesitate. End the slums in the cities, everywhere. Nelson Mandela was a patron for freeing people from poverty, from slavery. Cities Without Slums¹⁾ is a global partnership fighting urban poverty. Endorse their rights for financial aid.

Provide the necessities to people who live in poverty, and bring the message of miserable conditions and gross inequality to the lips of the world, so people understand that poverty is a human catastrophe.

Climate change leaves vulnerable people in the sticks when countries of tremendous wealth accumulate more wealth. It is inhuman; it is obscene. You are implementing a modern form of slavery, you with your egotism.

I call upon the leaders of your world.
End poverty. Reduce emissions of climate gases. It is your responsibility to free every soul from this fundamental plight.

The greatest nation follows in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln, of Nelson Mandela. It is time for reconciliation; it is time to see the truth, to face the truth, to become the truth.

«No poverty» is one of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and your obligation to fulfil this human right as you have implemented vaccines for ending the pandemic of Covid-19.

You see, my friends, it is time to act; you have the resources, you can find the funding as you did for eradicating the pandemic. It is possible; it is attainable.

I leave it in your hands.

God bless you.


Cities Without Slums¹⁾ – The global partnership fighting urban poverty and supporting cities to deliver sustainable development. Hosted by UNOPS.

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2020.

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2020.

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