A Spirit World Message.

The biodiversity of Planet Earth is unprecedented in God’s creation. Human life is unprecedented. Life is a collective force made out of love, the building blocks of the universe. Life is God-given. It is precious and for you to care for, to sustain in every capacity you have as a human being. That is a life-given responsibility bestowed on you who are of this generation on Earth.

Life on land is met by challenges of deforestation, loss of biodiversity, wildlife crimes, and lack of knowledge of what life is all about. People on Earth lack the basic understanding that life on Earth is part of your eternal life, and you are here to learn, meet the challenges, and raise humanity to higher levels of understanding. I speak from the spirit world. I didn´t know when on Earth what I know today. But I knew that we had to eradicate hunger and poverty for humanity to survive and find decent lives. I knew we had to educate people so all could learn right from wrong and find their creative force in writing, and before writing, we all must learn to read.

We are all part of the evolution to enhance our spirits, find the love given to us at birth and share it with our fellow beings, our family on Earth.

Climate challenges give the perspective of life on land and that you have to work together to tackle the inherent problems that greenhouse gases bring of misfortune to so many people on Earth. You observe the perspective of inequality when you see the disasters of what climate change causes to land of floods, droughts, wildfires, hunger, displacement of people, migration of millions who have lost all they had aside from their dignity as human beings.

Love and care are the guiding principles of the United Nations, the principle of your spirit, that is, of God. Find the spirit within you that keeps you alive, the engine of yourself, that serves your heart, the heartbeats of life, because your soul is of the exact origin as all people on Earth, as in heaven, in the spirit world. We are all of the same importance in the eyes of the Almighty spirit because we are all his children. We are one family who needs to collaborate for gender equality, for a sustainable life, where gross inequality becomes history.

Be of service to one another; find your mutual platform for sustainability. We are of God, all of us, regardless of religions, race, ethnic belonging, gender, wealthy or poor. Prepare a dignified life for all, no one above nor below; we are equal as human beings.

Life is precious; the Planet Earth is your home, the people of the world is your family.

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