A Spirit World Message.

I watch Planet Earth, this beautiful blue planet. The blue oceans that cover 70% of the Earth´s surface is a source of life at your disposal, for your sustainability, for your blue economy.

Harvesting from the oceans has provided people of the Earth a sustainable life throughout the ages. Climate change, however, brings forth higher temperatures, increased sea level, and acidification, which is detrimental to marine life. Climate change will eventually destroy marine life if you do not provide limitations of greenhouse gas emissions.

The ocean absorbs a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, but the acidic level is rising, impacting the ecological system below water. The greenhouse effect drives the sea to extreme weather conditions that give hurricanes and floods, bringing cities out of balance and driving nature to imbalance.

Oceans are precious treasures you have to care for that give fisheries on the coastline in developing countries such as the African continent vital food security. Harvesting from the seas reduces hunger and poverty and provides a sustainable life for people.

The exploitation of the oceans is to be regulated by nations to maintain the ecological systems, to prevent overfishing and destruction of habitats and coral Reeves. Responsible harvesting is a key to sustainability.

The world of seafood is your security, your food supply. The blue economy affects the sustainable goals of ending hunger and poverty.

The waste in today’s world, oceans littered with plastics, is devastating to marine life. Use other forms of packaging, restrict the use of plastics that eventually find their way to the oceans and lead to disasters of this beautiful but fragile and vulnerable ecological system. You have the technology and the means to end pollution.

A sustainable marine life is a goal for all, to bring nature back into order so you one day can watch Planet Earth and the magnificent oceans from space, from where I now view the beautiful blue treasures of your world.

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