A Spirit World Message.

Hunger haunts millions of people, particularly on the African continent, even though this continent has 60% of the worlds uncultivated arable land. What a tremendous unutilised source on Earth that can provide food security, reduce poverty and eradicate hunger. Technology, automation, and the robotisation of agriculture can make a difference, a massive utilisation, and impact global health.

What a waste of opportunities. It is a matter of political will, finance, allocating technological resources and innovation, and building infrastructure so harvesting from these realisable arable lands can take place.

We, the peoples, need to join in this formidable investment and work. Imagine what kind of possibilities you have to create decent jobs for millions of people, for poor people in developing countries where employment is scarce. Make unemployment history.

Provide food security for all through technological advancements by giving access to world trade, technology and finance. Food security is achievable and a sustainable development goal for the 21st century.

Planet Earth gives you all you need for proper harvest if you use your intellect. Egotism and the narrow interests of political leaders are of the past.

We need a mutual effort;
we need to see beyond national borders,
we need to see people as equal, with the same opportunities to an equitable life,
we need a common desire to bring the world into balance.

Manufacturing is a key for economic growth, whilst the pandemic, Covid-19, a health issue that needs to be resolved. Industrial development and health must be in balance and handled together for developing countries to meet their targets. Medical innovations, pharmaceutical industries are as vital as the crops in the ground.

The world needs to tackle all the sustainable development goals because they are a collective target that requires a common platform. They are dependent on each other, whereas independent solutions are necessary to meet the global objective – a world for all, a world where every human being has the same importance as equals, we the peoples of the world.

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