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A Spirit World Message.

The pandemic has provided the world with the reality of gross inequality. More than 100 million people have been pushed into extreme poverty, and more than half of the global population lack essential health services. The deviance between the rich and the poor has come into sharp focus. Health inequalities are there in front of your eyes; rich countries are preparing and implementing the vaccine program, whilst the world´s poor can only watch.

Decent people will find this inhuman, will find this inequality as egotism. What do you think, my friend? – When you see that Covid19 pushes millions into extreme poverty, places on Earth where vaccines are just words. That is where the World Health Organisation comes into play; if you provide them with the necessary resources and facilities, they can bring equality to handle the pandemic. Likewise, the World Food Program is essential for giving help to the hungry, to people who are left behind.

Health is an issue for everyone on Earth. Health is life. Life is for all; the child in the womb, the newborn, the girl and the boy, man and woman.

Health is satisfaction.
Health brings laughter and joy.
Health is to care.

Good health gives you the ability to help the misfortunate, the sufferer, the hungry, the poor who do not have the same position to earn for life, to provide the necessities of life for their children and themselves. There is a massive gap between rich countries and low-income countries/ undeveloped countries, and due to the pandemic, they fall behind.

Essential health services are for all the people of the world. No one is to be left behind. Immunisation, vaccines programs are vital for good health.

The climate crises is a source for pandemics in the future. Millions of people are dependent on the rich countries that can steer climate change. Unfortunately, many people who live in exposed places on Earth will face the climate crises and the devastating impact. And these people are most likely poor. Wealthy countries that have the resources have an obligation to aid people from climate change disasters.

In the spirit world where I now abide, there are mental disorders due to behaviour on Earth. People who abused humanity abused their fellow beings will find themselves in the slum in the spirit world and live in horror. It is the mind that gives a reflection of what these people did towards their fellow beings. It is an unavoidable and what we call a natural mental disorder in the spirit world. Egotism will haunt you because your mind will give you precisely what you did on Earth.

Live a decent, dignified life, a life in moderation, a life where you gave of yourself, where you left egotism, where care for your siblings, the people on Earth were your focal point. People who climbed to the beauty of the spirit world forgot themselves on Earth. To be crowned in the spirit world, you will have to forget yourself in service for others.

Essential health services are for all everywhere, and you have the resources to fulfil the sustainable development goal of the United Nations – good health and well-being for all.

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