A Spirit World Message.

Gender equality is a human right, one of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. In the spirit world, there is gender equality, absolute. We are of the exact origin. We are born equal. That is the premise of our Creator to live an equitable life. However, gender equality is one of the perils of life.

Molestation of girls and women is outrageous. I am filled with sadness when I see men’s acts and the abuse of children and women. From this side of life, you cannot hide your terrible acts. Tears are running down my cheeks. Such abhorrent acts, violence and abuse of innocent children and women must come to an end.

I can say to you, perpetrator, that your actions will be your agony in the spirit world. The traumas that you inflict upon children and women will be your hell on this side of life. Your mind will haunt you with the traumas that you brought to life on Earth.

Gender equality is to give every human being, men and women, boys and girls, the same opportunities, the same responsibilities, the same possibilities in life. Women have a profound position in your world. Seven out of ten health and social workers are women. In these times difficult times during the pandemic, the Covid-19, women are at the forefront of fighting this virus, taking care of the sick and deceased, giving care and love.

Women and girls have the same rights as men and boys. Gender equality is the basis of life, the foundation for progress, reducing poverty, sustainable development and good governance. They are a precondition for the sustainable development goals to be fulfilled and accomplished.

Some countries in your world, some cultures, abuse women and girls by female genital mutilation and child marriage where nine out of ten are married before adulthood. It must come to an end. They are depriving children of their freedom, of their human rights, damaging their health, inflicting upon them traumas of such abuse. The United Nations has a responsibility to bring this to a closure. Educating these countries, these people must be at the top of the agenda.

UNICEF has a role and a position among others in fighting FGM, child marriage, violence and abuse towards girls and women. Use their experience; it must come to an end. We see every single instant of mistreatment, and every child and woman afflicted is mirrored to the spirit world. No one can escape their destiny. No one.

Gender equality is a top priority, the foundation of a sustainable life. Gender equality is care, love and justice.

We are all equal.

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