I want to address myself to the youth, the next generation that can fulfil the task “Freedom From Want” and “Freedom From Fear”. It is achievable, and it is certainly feasible for this 21st century.

Youth, my friends,

What an excellent opportunity I have to encourage you from the spirit world where I now abide. As the seventh secretary-general of the United Nations, I have profound knowledge of your world’s needs. I have watched the atrocities committed by human beings towards their people, towards their fellow beings. I have seen, I have watched and experienced corrupted leaders’ behaviour, leaders who have abused their power. I have watched countries with bad governance, where there is no rule of law, no democracy, where people are held down, where people are tortured and deprived of their rights as human beings for a dignified life.

Extreme poverty is an affront to humanity. “Freedom From Want” is caused by negligence from leaders of the world. No one is to be left behind. We are all human beings with the same rights, the same human rights to a dignified life with the necessities of life provided. When basic needs are denied to your fellow beings, you have to stand up and defend these poor souls. That is to care for everyone. That is love for humanity. We can all provide this God-given light to our fellow citizens. “We the peoples” is written in the United Nations’ Charter because we are all equal.

Disparity, inequalities are there for you to rectify so people in your world can enjoy the creation that God gave us all. With your effort, “Freedom From Want” can be managed to provide all the same opportunities in this globalised world, the same access to trade, the same rules for responsible entrance to the global market.

Fear comes from uncertainty, lack of necessities, disparity, lack of human rights, and inequality. You can prevent this fear, this basic fear. Freedom From Want can provide Freedom From Fear.

A nuclear bomb eradicated Hiroshima. Disarmament is a necessity to avoid such disasters in the future. Implement weapon control from the smallest to the most devastating resources that the superpowers have. Non-proliferation is there in your hands to prevent disasters in the future, to control people who have lost their mind.

The spirit world is a real world, a world similar to Earth. We see everything and watch your behaviour. We will guide you in your endeavour to create a better world where you truly can find “Freedom From Want” and “Freedom From Fear”.

Go forward, youth; the world is yours.

KOFI ANNAN - The United Nations - The Mother to every child on Earth

KOFI ANNAN - The United Nations - The Mother to every child on Earth

Kofi Annan may be addressed in English, French and several African languages. Answers are conveyed by Telekinetic energy to document his presence and insight.


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