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A Spirit World Message.

I am a voice of the poor, the hungry, the afflicted due to climate change, conflicts and wars—people who feel abandoned, who are unemployed, whose life is miserable.

Economic growth is words, “only words” for the afflicted. We dream about a just world where we are treated equal, but we feel that equality is a beautiful word but with no substance. We search for decent jobs. We are decent people, and we want all the best for everyone, the wealthy and the poor, but economic growth drowns the voice from the poor.

We want work, not charity. We are charitable people. Helping the less fortunate, assisting people with illness, caring for the elders, for the children, but we strive to give our children a decent life.

Climate disasters create refugees. It feels like we are lost, and we struggle between death and life with conflicts created by human beings by their desire for positions, for power.

Egotism is a stumbling block in a world where the wealthy require more wealth. Rich countries, world leaders, can eradicate poverty and hunger and prepare the ground for societies that create decent jobs for all.

Economic growth is, of course, vital for an increased population in providing decent lives, decent jobs, but equality and justice must go hand in hand with economic growth.

The United Nations is there to coordinate, collaborate agreements of multilateralism, the beauty of the United Nations where national borders for a while are erased because the peoples of this world are equal, equal in the United Nations’ eyes.

Decent work and economic growth must be sustainable because they belong to each other. Without economic growth and an increased population, work would have been scarce.

Bring in policy measure world leaders to eradicate hunger and poverty and create decent jobs for all, and you will find greatness in your work.

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