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A Spirit World Message.

Climate Crises

There is a scientific foundation of global warming research that 1 degree Celsius has had a devastating impact on Planet Earth from the pre-industrial level. I repeat, 1 degree Celsius of global warming, and you are on the road to higher temperatures and extreme conditions. Today you experience disasters of climate change; floods, droughts, extreme weather conditions, wildfires and the widespread of diseases.

The pandemic Covid-19 is a result of climate change, and if you do not take the necessary precautions, more diseases, more pandemics will follow. It is a threatening scenario that you need to be aware of. It is the global health that is at stake; your life, animal life and nature itself.

Last night I heard that the United States and China would collaborate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is of tremendous value that developed countries take the lead and encourage governments worldwide to take part in this global challenge; the Paris Agreement to meet the emission reductions for keeping global warming within one point five degrees Celsius. You can make a difference with this agreement to keep control of climate change and emissions to the atmosphere.

To reach irreversible climate change would be a catastrophe, would cause total disasters, a world beyond your imaginations. Do not let that happen.

Turn around, now is the time to expedite the necessary means, to fulfil the Paris Agreement, to take the lead, to keep nature in your hands, to protect the lives of your children and the next generations, to bring Planet Earth into carbon neutrality.

We in the spirit world watch the devastating effect, having the bird’s eye everywhere on your globe, and you have the science reports that give you factual evidence of the impact of global warming.

Climate action is your objective for the coming years, and you must start NOW to avoid an irreversible climate change to enter your sphere of life.

Developed countries must take the lead to bring emissions through renewable energies to satisfactory levels within the temperature range of one point five degrees of global warming.

You can manage the future with your resolve, provide developing countries with the necessary means, technology and funding to cope with their emissions.

Make this to a global revolution of renewable energies where your investment for the future is renewables, not fossil fuels. As of today, your investment in fossil fuels exceeds the investments in renewable energies. It is WRONG when you see the consequences of your investments.

A life without breathing is no life. What is the point of economic growth when you cannot breathe? You have the technology, and you have the means, the necessary funding to meet the Paris Agreement, to ratify its impact on your health and future prosperity.

We are spirits, eternal beings, and the next generations that we bring to your world, spirits of God, are born for a new life on Earth to enjoy your beautiful planet, learn right from wrong, and take part in the challenges and prosperity of your world. We all have a mission to accomplish.

We send all our blessings to your world.

UN: Climate Change 2021 Report –
The Physical Science Basis

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