A Spirit World Message.

Clean water is a basic need and thus a human right.

Life is water. We are of this substance. We were brought to life by this universal element of life. Billions of people on Earth lack safely managed water and sanitation. That is a catastrophe in itself. A wealthy world that cannot provide equality of this essential nature’s element is inhuman. The lack of funding for implementing necessary facilities for safely managed water, hygiene, and health worldwide is brutal and far below human dignity.

Water scarcity impacts the global world on poverty, health, peace, human rights, and a sustainable future. People’s displacement of an immense character is inevitable as a consequence of climate change, disasters, and water scarcity. Scientific research identifies who is most vulnerable, who will need new land and support. Lack of climate change mitigation and prevention will initiate crises of drought, floods, and destruction of ecological systems will follow. As a consequence, the change will also destroy the habitats of animals both on land and sea.

What I am telling you are known. You can see it with your eyes; displacement has already begun. The climate crises is already there. As it is building up, you have to take precautions and make safe havens for people exposed. Immigration of people is of new dimensions, and political leaders responsible for the disasters must come to their aid. You have to reverse climate change NOW. The Paris Agreement is just a beginning.

Industries pollute. You have to bring the environmental damages already made to top priority; if not, it will be devastating for people who live in these communities where pollution destroys their water resources. We see this from a spirit level. The wealth you have accumulated on Earth is of no use for the wealthy when new diseases and pandemics will follow.

From history, we know that people react when they see disasters with their own eyes. The pandemic, Covid-19, is a forewarning of what you can expect if you do not behave responsibly towards nature, towards your fellow beings, towards Planet Earth.

Planet Earth will respond; it is nature’s way of saying that you are on the wrong track. Clean water is a global source, and if taken care of and distributed to all, diseases will eventually diminish, and good health to the world’s population is within reach. If world leaders take this seriously now, the cost will be minor compared to the cost of continued irresponsible behaviour towards nature.

This message is an urgent reminder from the spirit world of what we see of the consequences for you and the next generations. It is a necessary assignment for this blue planet to continue its beautiful vigour in orbit around your star.

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