A Spirit World Message.

One-third of the world’s population do not have sustainable cooking solutions. It is a grave health and environmental problem, a challenge for people in the developing countries and truly the worlds fight against climate change. In the Paris Agreement, funding was pledged for developing countries. Five years have passed, and only minor aid has been provided. Aid is not the right word because developing countries are not the cause of the climate change and challenge. For them, health and disease is the main issue.

Environmental damages is a global issue. However, the pandemic shows you that health on a worldwide scale has to be resolved. Viruses and diseases from one part of the world eventually become a global challenge. That is why world leaders have to invest in comprehensive global solutions to avoid viruses and infections.

The Paris Agreement is not only an international treaty on climate change but also certainly and foremost a health agreement for all on this planet.

Developed countries can no longer isolate themselves and believe reducing their climate change emissions will solve their problem. The greenhouse effect is a global challenge, and you all need to collaborate to find a joint agreement as the Paris Agreement was supposed to be. You are far behind.

Ratifications of this agreement, of pledges given five years ago, are there for you to see with new eyes when you have the experience of Covid19.

Developing countries need affordable and clean energy, and only a tiny portion has access to electricity. About 800 million people lack this utility. They have no other means to keep warm, to cook food than using solid fuels like wood and coal. It is all about funding for sustainable development, to gain the premises for renewable energies. The technology is there to implement; solar energy, wind, geothermal, hydropower.

Renewable energy is the path for global health, mitigating the greenhouse effect, sustainable development for all.

You all know that coal has a damaging impact. Carbon dioxide pollutes the air and gives poor health conditions to people. Coal as a source of energy must come to an end. You have safe environmental technology for providing affordable and clean energy to all. It is just a matter of political will, of spending the necessary means to avoid a catastrophe in the future, disasters that you cannot foresee even with today’s scientific research. But you can change; you can make greenhouse gases emissions to the atmosphere history.

It is given to you all, this blue planet. It is in your care. Handle it with love in your heart so the next generations can salute you for your foresight for turning in time to a new renewable revolution and for keeping the blue planet in order. Be proud of Mother Earth, who sustains you, your life every day.

Care – face the challenges of global health so the children born find their home in good shape.

Affordable and clean energy is a sustainable development goal. It has an impact on all the sustainable development goals for the future.

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