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A Spirit World Message.
When I was in my physical flesh, I was an advocate for
reform of the United Nations,
reform of the Security Council;
reform for human rights,
for freedom of the peoples,
freedom from want,
freedom from fear,
for the globalisation of trade
so people all over the world could benefit
from a higher standard of living,
from education for all,
from global funding to raise the sufferer from extreme poverty,
to find peace,
a prosperous world for everyone,
gender equality, giving opportunities for women, for children, for all the citizens of the world.

My friends, you have listened to my words before. They are not new; I have given them in my many speeches. They are written in stone. I speak to you from the world beyond. I am not dead, I am alive than ever before, and I will prove it to you.

Love is our guiding philosophy. Everything we do from the spirit world is of love; love for every child on Earth. This knowledge, the spirit world Insight, is a game-changer for your world. What you do to others, you do to yourself. Remind yourself of this saying. It is the truth. When you come to this world where I now abide, your mind becomes your reality. The suffering you caused to your fellow citizens will be your suffering in the spirit world.

My friends in the Security Council, in the General Assembly, in every decision you make, have my words in front of you. When you come here to this side of life, there is no excuse. But my friends you can change. You can prepare a new life, a beautiful place in the spirit world when you are on Earth. You can bring in good deeds; you can reevaluate your decisions, you can eradicate extreme poverty. The wealth of your world is tremendous. The pandemic, Covid 19, has shown the world that you can act, that you can provide the necessary funding. It´s a matter of will, of decision. Understand life. The afterlife is real life. On Earth, you are tried and tested in many ways. Prove that you have raised yourself and found the spiritual truth; that love is everything, that God is love. You be the same.

Reform the Security Council. The council should reflect the change in history from 1945, so there is a representation which proves democracy, the rule of law, accountability, solidarity and multilateralism.

The sustainable development goals are there for you to fulfil by 2030 with this new knowledge; there is no death. We are many colleagues here, preparing the ground for your mission, mission on Earth, the United Nations, we the peoples.

Veto in the Security Council has less power when you know that what you do to others, you do to yourself, – that what you did on Earth will be your destiny in the Spirit World. Reflect on this; my friends have no doubt. We are here to give you hope and to provide you with a new dimension of life; the truth of life, – a most needed knowledge, as we can see from your world.

God bless you.


Complementary messages for the 21st century by Kofi Annan in Spirit

KOFI ANNAN - The United Nations - The Mother to every child on Earth

Kofi Annan may be addressed in English, French and several African languages. Answers are conveyed by Telekinetic energy to document his presence and insight.


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