Telepathy is the communication between minds, but you need a physical manifestation to ensure that what you receive from another human being or a spirit is evident. On Earth, you use your sensory perception: your eyes, your ears, your hands, your expression of your face. But with Telepathy between your mind on Earth and a spirit from the Spirit World, Telekinesis is required to confirm Telepathic transference of thought.

Telekinesis and Telepathy become the Spirit ID (SID) analysis and verify Spirit survival, similar to a DNA analysis of terrestrial human beings searching for a profile match. SID searches for a match in knowledge. The SID analysis becomes unavailable when spirits reincarnate, equivalent to DNA loss. However, the evolutionary SID consists of previous lives and is eternal.

Spirit ID (SID) is the final evidential proof of survival after death and for everyone to experience.

Close acquaintances verify SID through multiple questions – a questionnaire answered by Telekinetic responses from the Spirit addressed –


We aspire to broadcast Spirit World Communication, which is a process that allows us to connect with personalities from the spiritual realm to demonstrate that there is no doubt about survival after death. The communication is verified through Spirit’s ID (SID) by acquaintances of the deceased who are still alive among us. We are currently seeking a Broadcasting Company that can assist us in sharing these profound experiences with a broader audience.

3. Telekinesis

32. Safety Precautions

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