Why don´t you publish spirit voices?
Due to the issue of imitation, it is not worth bringing forth spirit voices. They will only create controversies. The focus should be on the messages.

How can you know that the spirits are who they claim to be?
Verifying identity is possible if they are challenged by questions and by people who know them well.

Do spirits know everything?

Do spirits have a Premonition of events, i.e. know about the future?
They may have presentiments, but time is difficult.

Can you solve cold cases with spirit intervention?
Karma comes into play, so yes and no. The victim of a crime may have reincarnated or is not available. The remains are gone, and there is no evidence. Children are protected.

Can you trust the spirits that may come forward in a seance?
Undeveloped spirits may deceive you. That is why spirit identity is essential. Your logic and reasoning are paramount and should always prevail.

Do spirits become “holy”?
Spirits are people like yourself; regard them as such. However, they may have reached a higher standard of spirituality and come to serve for your good, but they are still people.

How many times do people reincarnate?
Until you have raised yourself to oneness with God, i.e. when you have lost yourself in service for all.
However, as with birth on Earth, reincarnation from the spirit world is likewise—the natural evolution of humankind. Reincarnation is the soul’s inherent desire for perfection and beautification.

When will the Spirit World be acknowledged as factual on Earth?
Only God knows because the evolution is in his hands.


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