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What is the evidence that we survive death?
The Spirit World can use Telekinesis to answer questions with physical thuds. When you question spirits and find their identity, they must be alive. It is solid proof of survival beyond belief because it is available for everyone to verify.

Why don´t you publish spirit voices?
Due to the issue of imitation and artificial intelligence, it is not worth bringing forth spirit voices. They will only create controversies and no value. The focus should be on the messages.

How can you know that the spirits are who they claim to be?
The Spirit ID (SID) is based on Telekinesis and Telepathy, searching for a match in knowledge. SID is proof of survival after death.

Do spirits know everything, and can you always trust what they say?
No, always use common sense, logic, and reasoning as you do when communicating with people on Earth. Be extra careful, as you cannot see who you speak with.

Do spirits have a Premonition of events, i.e., know about the future?
They may have presentiments, even vivid pictures, yet the concept of time as we know it is absent. premonitions from the spirit world could be years ahead, even decades. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution when interpreting these premonitions, as they may be in error or misunderstood.

Can you solve cold cases with spirit intervention?
The spirit world values spirit intervention if it can make people understand that there is no death and that murder creates disaster for oneself and others. Spirit intervention is about shedding light on clues known only to the perpetrator and the victim that can lighten the burden through confession and forgiveness when you are on Earth. When crossing the threshold of death, the victim’s state of mind can interfere with their recollection of the crime scene and events, which may prevent solving their case.

Do you encourage people to communicate with the dead?
When you experience that death is just a passage, that knowledge is life-changing. However, it’s an adventure filled with uncertainty. This type of communication is more intricate than a physical encounter. While conversing with someone face-to-face is clear and uninterrupted, communication with the Spirit World can be weak or sometimes absent. So, patience is crucial if you’re ready to embark on this journey to communicate with the Spirit World; see safety precautions.

Do spirits become “holy”?
Spirits are people like yourself; regard them as such. However, they may have reached a higher standard of spirituality and come to serve for your good, but they are still people.

How many times do people reincarnate?
Until you have raised yourself to oneness with God, i.e. when you have lost yourself in service for all.
However, as with birth on Earth, reincarnation from the spirit world is likewise—the natural evolution of humankind. Reincarnation is the soul’s inherent desire for perfection and beautification.

When will the Spirit World be acknowledged as factual on Earth?
Only God knows because evolution is in his hands.


Read the preface if you have no experience with LIFE AFTER DEATH Science or SPIRIT WORLD COMMUNICATION.
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