BREAK THE TABOO OF DEATH – Mahatma Gandhi in Spirit

Mahatma Gandhi - Break the Taboo of Death

My friend, this is Mahatma Gandhi speaking.

I am alive – alive in your world. People on earth cannot see us, but we are still here amongst you when that is our desire. When you enter the threshold of death, a new life, a new world is revealed for your eyes.

God is the supreme power.
God is our religion.
God is the beauty of life.
We are of God, the unconditional love of the universe.

We are here to guide you, to break you free of the taboo of death. When you realize this fact, the true nature of life itself, that we are eternal, it will be lifechanging. It will be a significant event in your earthly life.

The spirit world is vast. The spirit world can be a beautiful place for everyone, if you cast aside the religious dogmas that are not of love, not of love for everyone.

Jesus the Master told you “Love thy neighbour as thyself”. Keep this simple rule of life in your heart, and you can and will take part in the beautification of yourself, your fellow beings and your world because it is through love that you beautify yourself, and that you gain the beauties in the spirit world.

Nonviolence was my salvation.
Violence ruins your life.
Let us join forces.

Realize that death is given to you by God to find your real self when you have completed your earthly life. God gave us life on earth to learn to raise ourselves towards the beauty within, towards God’s love for us all. That is why we are given many lives on earth to become like him, Godlike, where love is all that matters.

I live in a beautiful world because nonviolence, love and humbleness were my innermost values, and I spoke them loud in your world. You can all find this beauty, this beautiful world when you one day leave the earth. Love is the key, and God is the gateway.

We are here on earth for you.
We are here to show you the way,
and we are here with the blessing of God.


Mahatma Gandhi in spirit
Transcript by Jostein Strommen

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